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Frequently asked Questions about Coolsculpting

20 May 17 Blog Comments Off on Frequently asked Questions about Coolsculpting

Frequently asked Questions about Coolsculpting

As a consequence of being a relatively new procedure to reduce fat, many people have questions about CoolSculpting and how it works. Below, we have compiled a frequently asked questions list. We feel that the more one knows about the procedure, the more comfortable they will become with it.

  1. Am I a strong candidate? This is a difficult question to answer, considering many factors need to be taken into account. CoolSculpting is for people who are only slightly above their desired weight and have fat bulges in specific areas (under the chin, the inner thigh, or the abdomen). Meet with a local technician to get a better understanding of your compatibility with the procedure.
  2. How long do sessions take? It is hard to give a clear and definitive answer to this question because it depends on the size of the area being sculpted and the total amount of sectors being done. A single session on a medium to large size area can take roughly 60 minutes, but some patients come for more than a single zone. This means the overall time will be longer.
  3. Is the procedure dangerous? The FDA has cleared this treatment. It is also non-invasive, and so patients can resume normal life after the session. There are no drugs or anesthetics. Side effects are limited, and so yes, CoolSculpting is safe.

Above are just a few of many questions that can be asked about this new fat treatment. Contact a local CoolSculpting Center to find out more information.

13 May 17 Blog Comments Off on Is CoolSculpting Right for me?

Is CoolSculpting Right for me?

How can you tell if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting? By answering the below questions, you can begin to weigh your options. Of course, the best way to determine your candidacy for the procedure is to contact and visit a local CoolSculpting treatment center.

Questions to ask:

  1. How much excessive body fat do you have? CoolSculpting works best for those who have a little unwanted fat in specific areas. CoolSculpting is not designed to be a cure for obesity.
  2. Will you be able to make the necessary changes in your life to help keep the weight off? CoolSculpting is designed to help you get to the weight you want when exercise and dieting are not doing the trick. Fat can and will grow back after the procedure if a person does not diet and workout.
  3. Do you have poor skin elasticity and tone? Although the process might still work for you, it makes you a less likely candidate.
  4. Are you in good overall health? Those who have heart valve replacement, arterial disease, epilepsy, malignant tumors, or metal implants might not be strong candidates.

Questions to not worry about:

  1. What is your gender? CoolSculpting works equally for men and women, despite the fact that males and females usually show fat in different areas of the body.
  2. What area of the body do you want to focus on? CoolSculpting can precisely target isolated parts of the body so that you can remove fat from wherever. Typical CoolSculpting spots include the chin, love handles/muffin top, inner/outer thighs, and abdomen.

For more information about CoolSculpting and if it can work for you, please give us a call and set up an appointment to come in. As mentioned above, the best way to truly know if you’re a candidate is to be assessed by a doctor.

21 Apr 17 Blog Comments Off on The Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Reduction

The Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Reduction

For those struggling with weight, it is important to know the difference between fat reduction and weight loss. Reducing fat is different than losing weight. Simply put, losing weight does make fat cells smaller, but it does not make those fat cells go away. Weight loss does not lessen fat cells in the body, and when weight is gained the cells get bigger.

Reducing fat is slightly different because in the end the amount of fat cells in the body are lessened. In certain cases, patients can see reductions up to 25%. The fat cells are destroyed, and the body, over the course of several weeks, naturally processes the cells. They do not migrate to other areas of the body.

Cool Sculpting is a new method or reducing fat through applying cold to parts of the body. This treatment helps the body destroy fat cells in desired areas. This means that the treatment can be targeted to specific areas of the body, like the chin, belly, or legs.

If you are serious about taking control of your weight, and dieting and exercise do not completely do the trick, consider using non-invasive Cool Sculpting technology.

18 Apr 17 Blog Comments Off on What is CoolSculpting?

What is CoolSculpting?

Losing weight can be difficult, and in certain cases, people need a little help. Traditionally, people would turn to invasive procedures or pills to help lose weight, and both methods present different inherent risks. In recent years, the FDA has cleared a new weight loss treatment called CoolSculpting. This treatment is non-surgical, so there is no need for needles, anesthesia, or invasive techniques. Considering this technology is so new, many people are asking what CoolSculpting is?

Simply put, this weight loss process uses cold to kill fat cells, while leaving all other cells and tissues intact. The cold compress is applied directly to areas of the body that have unwanted fat. Cooling devices are built with safety detectors that monitor the temperature of the compress as well as the temperature of the skin.

After the treatment, the body will take some time (usually more than a week) to process the dead fat cells naturally. In some cases (results do vary), the results of the process are long-term because CoolSculpting kills fat cells. Proper dieting and adequate exercise can help to keep the weight off.

For more information about CoolSculpting, and to see whether the procedure is right for you, give us a call today.

16 Apr 14 Blog Comments Off on Ulthera for skin tightening: Have you gotten it yet?

Ulthera for skin tightening: Have you gotten it yet?

Ulthera is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that lifts, tightens and tones the skin for our clients in NYC area. It requires no anesthetic or sedation, but local-anesthesia is recommended.

Ulthera uses the safe, time-tested energy of ultrasound to heat the deep layers of the skin to promote collagen production. The heat generated from the ultrasound frequency causes damage to the collagen layers, and therefore promotes the production of new collagen.

Ulthera is considered to be an excellent alternative to a facelift for people who have mild to moderate laxity. It is skin color independent and does not affect the epidermis, so patients (skin types I-VI) may be treated year round without any pre or post-test skin requirements. It’s completed in as short as 60 minutes, with little to no downtime. Many NYC patients experience immediate results with Ulthera, and continue to see results within 60-90 days.

If you’re looking for a brow/face lift, without the surgery, ulthera is the answer for you. So what are you waiting for? Be naturally, beautiful with Justmelt’s expertise.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

11 Apr 14 Blog Comments Off on CoolSculpt: The Cool Way to Remove Fat

CoolSculpt: The Cool Way to Remove Fat

Are you the friend that’s always ordering a salad at lunch? Do you go to the gym every day, but never seem to see any results when it comes to your weight loss? No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. Well, how does a quick non-invasive solution sound to you? CoolSculpt removes stubborn fat deposits that exercise and dieting just can’t.

CoolSculpt is a FDA-approved technology that freezes (yes freezes!) unwanted fat. The best part about it is that it takes just as long as your daily gym workout routine. CoolSculpt can be applied to the stomach area, thighs, arms and legs. In as little as 3 weeks, you will begin to see a difference. Certain areas may take a little longer, however, on average you can expect to see results within 3 weeks.

Women who have had CoolSculpt treatment feel a boost in their self-confidence and overall mood. If plastic surgery just isn’t in your vocabulary, CoolSculpt is an incredible option for you.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

12 Jan 14 Blog Comments Off on 5 Reasons Why JustMelt Med Spa Is Just What You Need!

5 Reasons Why JustMelt Med Spa Is Just What You Need!

1.)  You want results, not surgery

The thought of undergoing a surgical procedure may not be ideal for many people. The thought of being operated on, the cost, the downtime and/or the recovery process might be making surgical options, not an option. For others, signs of age may be appearing sooner in life, making them feel they aren’t quite ready yet for a surgical procedure. Whatever the reasons may be, JustMelt recognizes the need for non-surgical options for fat and cellulite reduction, riding wrinkles and fine lines, and skin tightening. All of JustMelt’s procedures offer an affordable solution with zero downtime or discomfort.

2.)  You want results-quickly

Dieting and exercise can be time consuming or may simply not be working to rid tough problem areas. For many of us, issues such as cellulite won’t go away no matter how many hours we spend on a treadmill. JustMelt offers the proven to work HCG Diet with our professional team monitoring your results every step of the way. Other services such as CoolSculpting can reduce your area’s fat circumference by up to 30% with just one treatment!

3.)  You can’t take time off of work

Scheduling a surgery means taking time off of work or out of your daily routine. Downtime and recovery time are also needed post-surgery. With non-surgical options, such as Zerona fat melting laser, the treatment can be done on your lunch break-and usual activities can be resumed directly post treatment.

4.)  You’re tired of treatments that don’t work

JustMelt is dedicated to offering our patients top of the line treatments that are proven to work. Results from our treatments and diets are real- with before and after photos of our clients available to view. As the weight-loss industry has become crowded with products and services that don’t work-JustMelt prides itself on knowing they will fulfill their client’s needs.

5.)  You are ready to re-gain your confidence

We all have problem areas that we obsess over, yet many of us don’t take the actions needed to correct them. JustMelt is simply asking you to stop in for a consultation to learn about your non-surgical treatment options. With treatments such as ours, there is no longer an excuse to let your problem areas continue any longer!

Call 212-447-1155 or visit to schedule your consultation today!



02 Jan 14 Blog Comments Off on Struggling with Weight Loss in NYC? Try HCG Diet!

Struggling with Weight Loss in NYC? Try HCG Diet!

It’s now officially 2014, and although your resolution may have been to lose weight-how are you getting started? Justmelt in NYC offers the HCG Diet to our clients to get them to their goal weight quicker and more effectively. This year, make sure your resolution doesn’t get left behind!

The first step is taking your weight loss goal seriously. The toughest part is getting started. Finding the right program can be the most difficult part for those wanting to slim down. Today we are bombarded with weight loss programs and diet plans-with many of them bringing little success. A weight loss plan that is proven to work and that has shown real results in mass numbers is what the HCG Diet offers. The HCG Diet has given over 100,000 people the weight loss results they desire.

Choose the right doctor to track your results.  Justmelt and Dr. Jacquie Smiles offer the HCG Diet, giving you the supervision you need to be successful with this safe and effective method for weight loss. Respected healthcare figures, such as Dr. Oz, stand by the HCG Diet because of the unique fat burning properties and post-weight loss maintenance this program offers.

Take the time to research your weight loss plan.  HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a natural hormone produced during pregnancy. The HCG Diet uses this hormone to trick your body into a pregnancy state-wherein your body enters into a hyper fat burning state.  Responsible for this phenomenon is the fat burning properties of HCG.

Patients typically lose 1-2 pounds per day while increasing their energy and reducing their appetite. Patients who use the HCG Diet also report success in keeping the weight off; and all while feeling well.

The diet works for both men and women.

To begin your HCG Diet in NYC contact Dr. Jacquie Smiles and Justmelt Today! 1-800-WEJUSTMELT (1-212-447-1155)

27 Dec 13 Blog Comments Off on New Year’s Resolution to Slim Down? Make it a Reality!

New Year’s Resolution to Slim Down? Make it a Reality!

How many times do we make the same New Year’s resolution over-and-over again? For much of the population, the goal of finally getting the body you want is the focus every January 1st. Then, by February, they are discouraged and we decide to try again next year. Well, whether you want to fit back into those favorite jeans again, or if you want the body you have never been able to achieve, Justmelt® can help make it happen.


Disclaimer: Results may vary

Justmelt® offers a myriad of nonsurgical procedures that can help you transform your body. It doesn’t matter if your New Year’s resolution is to lose 50 pounds or to simply tone those trouble spots (so you don’t have to make excuses not to attend pool parties anymore), Justmelt® has services that can finally give you results.


  • HCG Diet – Losing weight shouldn’t have to be so hard. Have you ever noticed some people that go on a diet drop a pant size instantly? Meanwhile, you’re living on drab food, exercising, and barely seeing the scale move… The HCG Diet may be exactly what you need. It puts your body in a hyper fat burning state, so that while you consume fewer calories, your body will be turning fat into energy.


  • Zerona – Would you like to lose inches without starving yourself or spending hours every day in the gym? With Zerona, you can achieve your resolution goals in a much easier way. A fat melting laser does all the hard work for you. Walking merely 30 minutes a day is all that is recommended to ensure great results.


  • CoolSculpting – Forget the pain and expense associated with liposuction. CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical technology that freezes away fat in target areas, so you can essentially “sculpt” your body the way you want it to be. No downtime and no surgery make this treatment one of our most popular.


  • Cyber Body Slim – The Triangular Oscillation System firms your body by generating muscle contractions. Only 10 minutes of Cyber Body Slip is equivalent to a full hour of an intense workout in the gym.


  • Lipomassage – If you have tried every exercise and miracle cream available to get rid of cellulite dimples, orange peel skin, or fat deposits, you may be ready to just give up on those trouble spots. Well, before you do, make one final attempt at Justmelt®. A patented, motorized wand is used to stimulate blood circulation and fat reduction, and it reactivates the cells responsible for weight loss and youthful skin.

Don’t let your New Year’s resolution make you feel like a failure yet again. You simply need a little help, and that is exactly what you will get at Justmelt®!


18 Dec 13 Blog Comments Off on Nonsurgical Procedures: More in Demand than Ever

Nonsurgical Procedures: More in Demand than Ever

Nearly everyone looks in the mirror and finds at least one flaw. However, for many of us, the thought of having a surgical procedure is not an option. Some are afraid of anesthesia and risks and others cannot afford the cost of cosmetic surgery. Yet, every year it seems as though the demand to strive for perfection increases. For this reason, the popularity of nonsurgical procedures has skyrocketed. Why wouldn’t someone want to fix what they dislike most, if it can be done safely and significantly cheaper than surgery?

 Reverse Signs of Aging

At some point, everyone will look in the mirror and wonder where the time went. When did those fine lines and dark spots appear? Since no one has a fountain of youth and we are all constantly getting older, procedures to regain a more youthful appearance are extremely high in demand.


There has never been more of a demand for an ideal body weight. People want to be active and healthy, and of course, they want to look good. Unfortunately, sometimes losing weight, toning the body, and firming skin is impossible to accomplish no matter how hard we try. This is especially true once you hit a certain age. Your activity level may be higher, but if your metabolism has slowed down, you will still find yourself battling a few bulges, which can make you feel self-conscious.

Restored Confidence

The better you feel, the more confident you are meeting new people, and joining in with activities. Not to mention, self-confidence can affect job performance. In many job markets, it is hard to get ahead. There is so much competition that you have to have a special spark to stand out from the rest.

Nonsurgical procedures are more popular than ever because people are beginning to see the value in them. Not to mention, many procedures have been around a while now, so new patients are seeing results on others they know, proving they actually work!

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