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Is Weight Loss and Fat Reduction the Same?

11 Apr 18 Blog Comments Off on Is Weight Loss and Fat Reduction the Same?

Is Weight Loss and Fat Reduction the Same?

For many, fat reduction means the same as weight loss. When talking to a doctor or scientist, they understand that the terms are closely related but are not the same. Simply put, losing weight will make fat cells smaller, but it will not get rid of them. Reducing fat means that you are shedding fat cells from the body. As we grow, fat cells grow and become a fixed number by the time we reach our late teenage years. Losing or gaining weight generally does not affect the number of fat cells, but instead only changes their size. Dieting and weight-loss medication will help to make cells smaller.

CoolSculpting is designed to reduce the amount of fat cells in the body, not just change their size. CoolSculpting freezes fat on the body, and then within the next few weeks the body will naturally shed those fat cells. In many cases, patients can see up to a 25% reduction of fat cells in treated areas.

CoolSculpting is designed to work on individual parts of the body that have excess fat, including hips, chin, thighs, and forearms. CoolSculpting is non-invasive and requires no hospital stays or sedations. The process is also approved by the FDA. For more information on CoolScultping NYC, visit our medical spa in NYC.

20 Mar 18 Blog Comments Off on Is CoolSculpting Worth the Time and Money?

Is CoolSculpting Worth the Time and Money?

justmelt-coolsculpting-new-yorkBecause CoolSculpting is a relatively new procedure, many individuals are unsure whether the treatments are right for them. CoolSculpting is a cosmetic procedure, and so most insurance companies will not cover treatments. CoolSculpting also requires a few visits to a medical spa, and so the method can seem a bit time-consuming. Considering the time, money, and energy that goes into CoolSculpting, many people ask if it is right for them. Not everyone falls in love with CoolSculpting NYC, but most individuals who go for the treatment would recommend it. Scientific studies show that the results are real. Doing a quick Internet search will also bring up a slew of different positive testimonials, and before and after pictures. 

Cool Sculpting New York is not used as a diet method. Strong candidates will be relatively within their desired weight before coming for treatments. Cool Sculpting usually works best for those who already diet and exercise but are having trouble removing fat and toning specific areas of the body (under the chin, behind the arms, and the thighs).

How much would you spend to look the way you want finally? CoolSculpting NYC is affordable. We offer payment plans and credit to help make it accessible for anyone who wants this safe, non-invasive weight loss treatment. Visit us at our medical spa NYC today!

14 Mar 18 Blog Comments Off on What is the Significance of FDA Approval?

What is the Significance of FDA Approval?

How much should you care about FDA approval? The FDA, also known as the U.S Food and Drug Administration, is responsible for making sure that food, drugs, and medical procedures are safe for human beings. Considering their main purpose is to keep people healthy and safe, getting their official approval can be essential for a specific food, drug, or medical treatment. Anything that has been stamped with this approval is considered safe and effective. For something to get FDA approval, extensive studies and research must be done. The information must provide definitive proof that the drug or medical procedure works and that it is safe for most people.

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction procedure that has been thoroughly approved by the FDA. CoolSculpting uses cold temperatures to reduce the amount of fat on specific parts of the body. The FDA claims that CoolSculpting is a recommended, non-invasive, method of reducing fat around the arms, legs, chin, or tummy. CoolSculpting requires no surgery or hospital stays. The procedure does not call for drugs to be ingested in the body.

If you are looking to take off a few pounds in unwanted areas of your body, like the thigh, behind the arm, or under the chin, CoolSculpting might be the best option for you. For more information about CoolSculpting and you, please visit us in our medical spa NYC.

21 Feb 18 Blog Comments Off on What Can You Do About Your Double Chin?

What Can You Do About Your Double Chin?

Coolsculpting New YorkExercising and eating right are the right ways to stay in shape and have the body you desire. Unfortunately for many, fat deposits grow in unwanted areas, like under chins, forearms, or bellies. Even when doing workouts that specifically focus on an area, it can be hard to lose weight. For those who feel there is no hope, you are very wrong. Cool Sculpting is the answer you have been looking for because it is targeted weight loss that requires no needles, knives, anesthesia, sedation, or chemicals. Cool Sculpting is an FDA-approved weight loss treatment that is safe and effective.

One of the hardest places to tone up is the chin. Not only is it hard to lose a double chin but it is also hard to hide it. Bigger bellies, arms, or legs can be covered, but not always the neck. Our medical spa NYC has the tools and staff to help you get rid of that double chin. Our team can specifically target chins without working on the rest of the body.

There are few exercises to work out the neck and chin, and so those with a double chin will most likely keep it without the help of Cool Sculpting or other weight loss procedures.

For more information about Cool Sculpting New York, visit us at our medical spas throughout NYC. Let us help you get the body you truly want.

07 Feb 18 Blog Comments Off on A Brief History of CoolSculpting

A Brief History of CoolSculpting

The process of CoolSculpting is a relatively new procedure. Although new, it has already been provided as a safe and effective weight loss treatment by the FDA. There are also many clinical studies that also back up what people are saying and experiencing. CoolSculpting is the only non-invasive weight loss treatment that does not require ingesting chemicals (diet pills and supplements).

CoolSculpting was invented by doctor Rox Anderson and Doctor Dieter Manstein (both working with the Wellman Center of Photomedicine). Both doctors were aware of an odd phenomenon that happened when sucking on frozen popsicles. A study conducted with children showed that those who ate more popsicles tended to have less cheek fat. This event was later called popsicle panniculitis. Doctors Anderson and Manstein both concluded that by applying cold to the body, weight loss can be triggered in desired spots. When a fat cell is exposed to cold temperatures, they slowly begin to die. The body will naturally shed the fat over the course of a few weeks.

Our medical spas in NYC offer top-quality Coolsculpting. If you are looking for more information, our team has the answers. Let us be your first call for Coolsculpting New York.

21 Jan 18 Blog Comments Off on Famous People go for Cool Sculpting

Famous People go for Cool Sculpting

It is no phenomenon why so many celebrities are turning to Coolsculpting as a safe and easy weightless method. Many that both diet and exercise find that they still have stubborn fat areas that they are not able to get rid of. This is where Coolsculpting comes in. It is an FDA approved fat loss procedure that requires no needles, knives, sedation, or hospital stays. One celebrity who is totting Coolsculpting is Debra Messing (Will & Grace, A Walk in the Cloud, The Starter Wife).

Debra Messing claims that for her it is a red-carpet secret. For her, she claims the most important thing about making that critical walk is feeling comfortable. Self-confidence is essential for that comfort. Coolsculpting allows individuals to target specific areas that they think are too bulgy (forearms or under chin). Her and other notice the results, and that is why she continues to use the services.

Although we cannot help in making you famous, we can give you the confidence that is needed to take on the world. Our medical spa NYC can help you shed unwanted pounds. Do not settle and do not put your body at risk. Let us be your first call for Coolsculpting NYC.

21 Jan 18 Blog Comments Off on Important Cool Sculpting Facts

Important Cool Sculpting Facts

cool-sculpting-nycCool Sculpting is making a big name for itself in the body-contouring world. Other popular methods require medication, surgery, or recuperation time. Cool Sculpting offers many of the same benefits provided by traditional weight loss means, but it does it without the side effect. Of course, there are some effects of Cool Sculpting, but they are minimal when compared to liposuction or most weightless pills. Cool Sculpting is a safe and effective way to shed unwanted pounds. Some facts about Cool Sculpting are:

Most people who go for treatments would either recommend the procedure or go for it again. This is according to a study published by RealSelf.

Although there are no hospital stays or sedation with Cool Sculpting, individual treatments can take over an hour. Depending on the areas being done, the procedure could potentially take even longer.

After the applicator is removed from the body, the area will be red with a lump. The first time someone sees this, they tend to get freaked out, but this is a natural part of the procedure. Our technicians message the skin to make everything level and reasonable. The lump does not stay.

Side effects of Cool Sculpting include bruising, slight swelling, and tingling in the treated areas. This can stay for up to a week after treatments.

Cool Sculpting will help you shed excess weight, but it is not a permeant method. Cool Sculpting is not a license to eat whatever you would like.

For Cool Sculpting New York, visit our medical spa in NYC

18 Dec 17 Blog Comments Off on Risks and CoolSculpting

Risks and CoolSculpting

What are the risks associated with CoolSculpting (cryolipolysis)? This medical procedure helps adults shed excess fat cells in desired parts of the body. When people think about weight loss procedures, they think of plastic surgery and liposuction. Another individual might imagine unhealthy pills that are designed to kill fat cells or appetites. CoolSculpting is unlike other weight loss treatments. It is useful and safe.

Med Spa NYC

  1. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has certified CoolSculpting as a safe medical treatment.
  2. This is a noninvasive treatment. At no point during your CoolSculpting session will you be poked, cut, or prodded.
  3. At no point will you need anesthesia or sedation. This is an out-patient treatment, meaning that you can restart your day directly after your session.
  4. Although the treatments are safe, there are some reported side effects. Some patients claim they feel a slight stinging, pain, or arching at and around the treatment site. These issues can last up to two weeks from your first treatment.

We can give you more information at our medical spa in NYC. If you are looking for CoolSculpting New York, let us be your first call.


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08 Dec 17 Blog Comments Off on Will CoolSculpting Work for Me?

Will CoolSculpting Work for Me?

Med Spa New YorkConsidering that CoolSculpting is a new weight loss treatment, many individuals do not know much about the procedure. The most frequent question we hear is about a patient’s compatibility for successful therapies. Below, we will be going over a general list of features for a strong candidate for CoolSculpting.

  • CoolSculpting works for both men and women who are over the age of 18. The procedure has only been tested in adults. This weight loss procedure works best in bodies that are fully grown and matured.
  • CoolSculpting kills fat cells, and so treatments only work on areas that have excess fat cells. We can help shape waists, under the chin, forearms, and more.
  • CoolSculpting can work even if you have had cosmetic procedures done prior to coming for CoolSculpting treatments.
  • There is only a small demographic of individuals who are not strong candidates for this procedure. To get CoolSculpting in NYC, you must be just slightly overweight. On average, patients who are within 30 lbs. (13.6 kg.) are ideal candidates.

Visit us at our medical spa NYC to find out whether CoolSculpting is right for you.




19 Nov 17 Blog Comments Off on Coolsculpting and the Celebrities Who Use It

Coolsculpting and the Celebrities Who Use It

CoolSculpting, for many, is a miracle weight loss treatment that helps individuals shed unwanted body fat that will not go away with just exercise and dieting. CoolSculpting is a relatively new treatment, but that does not mean it is not popular. Studies suggest that the procedure can help individuals lose unwanted weight by targeting specific areas (under chin, hips, thighs). Besides positive scientific reviews, you can also find celebrities going on the record with their CoolSculpting success stories.

It would be hard to say that Jennifer Aniston does not look great for her age. The former Friends star does not like lasers or invasive procedures, so she opts for CoolSculpting on targeted areas.

Khloé Kardashian has also come out publicly in favor of CoolSculpting. She has claimed that she used the treatments while dieting and exercising. With all three methods combined, she noticed positive results.

Other celebrities who use, or have used, CoolSculpting include

  • Molly Sims
  • Ali Landry
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Mariah Carey

Just because prominent individuals use CoolSculpting does not mean that the treatments are expensive or not affordable. Our medical spa NYC is friendly, comfortable, and affordable. For more information about CoolSculpting in New York, give us a ring.

11 Nov 17 Blog Comments Off on Basic Information About CoolSculpting

Basic Information About CoolSculpting

When it is cold outside, our skin feels cold. Scientists have discovered that fat cells underneath the skin are more sensitive than a skin cell. This conclusion was found after doctors noticed that kids who ate lots of ice pops had fat degradation in both cheeks. Cold temperatures can kill fat cells while leaving other cells intact and unharmed. Jason Roostaeian, a plastic surgeon and professor at UCLA, say, “It goes through the cell death process before your skin does.”

In the years after this discovery, CoolSculpting was born, and the FDA approved it in 2010.

CoolSculpting specialized devices direct cold temperatures to designated parts of the body (stomach, under the chin, forearms). The device is attached to the body for a time (up to two hours depending on what’s being done), and while connected it is naturally killing the fat cells in your body.

During the process, patients will feel minor discomfort at first. Within the first 10 minutes, the area will go numb, and you will feel much better. The procedure is non-invasive and requires no sedation or anesthesia.

The process can work for someone who is a little above their desired weight. CoolSculpting does not work for those who are overweight. CoolSculpting can help remove fat from areas that will not lessen with diet and exercise. Please remember that the process is not permanent, and continued dieting and training is necessary to maintain ideal weight.

For more information, please visit out medical space NYC. You can trust us for CoolSculpting in New York.

18 Oct 17 Blog Comments Off on Questions about CoolSculpting in New York City

Questions about CoolSculpting in New York City

CoolSculpting technology uses cold to freeze away fat inside the body. Cryolipolysis is the scientific term for placing controlled cold temperatures on specific parts of the body to kill body fat. After treatments, the body will naturally expel fat cells in the body. This technique can help those who are slightly overweight and need help losing fat in specific areas of the body.

Is CoolSculpting permanent? Technically, yes it is. The fat cells that are killed during treatment will not grow back, but that does not mean you cannot gain weight in areas previously treated with CoolSculpting in NYC. With improper dieting and exercise, existing fat cells will expand, and it causes your body to grow. CoolSculpting can help remove fat cells, but cannot keep you skinny without changing your lifestyle.

Can women who just gave birth be eligible for treatments? After giving birth, a woman may feel self-conscious about her body and weight. Typically, women will wait at least six weeks after birth before getting CoolSculpting. This period allows the body to adjust to not being pregnant, which can make CoolSculpting results better.

What areas of the body can be CoolSculpted? Working with any area of your body is possible. One of the benefits of CoolSculpting is that it targets only desired parts of the body, like under the chin, forearms, or love handles. We can help you lose weight in the areas you specifically want.

For more information about CoolSculpting in NYC, visit us at one of our medical spas in NYC. If no amount of dieting or exercise can help you achieve the body you want, you should try CoolSculpting in New York City.

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