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Basic Information About CoolSculpting

When it is cold outside, our skin feels cold. Scientists have discovered that fat cells underneath the skin are more sensitive than a skin cell. This conclusion was found after doctors noticed that kids who ate lots of ice pops had fat degradation in both cheeks. Cold temperatures can kill fat cells while leaving other cells intact and unharmed. Jason Roostaeian, a plastic surgeon and professor at UCLA, say, “It goes through the cell death process before your skin does.”

In the years after this discovery, CoolSculpting was born, and the FDA approved it in 2010.

CoolSculpting specialized devices direct cold temperatures to designated parts of the body (stomach, under the chin, forearms). The device is attached to the body for a time (up to two hours depending on what’s being done), and while connected it is naturally killing the fat cells in your body.

During the process, patients will feel minor discomfort at first. Within the first 10 minutes, the area will go numb, and you will feel much better. The procedure is non-invasive and requires no sedation or anesthesia.

The process can work for someone who is a little above their desired weight. CoolSculpting does not work for those who are overweight. CoolSculpting can help remove fat from areas that will not lessen with diet and exercise. Please remember that the process is not permanent, and continued dieting and training is necessary to maintain ideal weight.

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