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Cool Sculpting and Recent Scientific Studies

Cool Sculpting is a non-surgical way to help reduce unwanted body fat. The medical process is rather new, and so many people are unfamiliar with how it works. Some individuals are scared of the procedure because they never heard of the treatment before and sometimes new things can seem scary. In the last 20+ years, over 70 scientific studies have been published. Most of these reports confirm that this method of weight reduction is safe and it works. R. Rox Anderson MD created the concept behind Cool Sculpting, and since then the medical treatment has grown in popularity. Below, we will highlight some recent studies and their findings

  1. Bernstein EF conducted a longitudinal evaluation of Cryolipolysis efficacy, and he found that long-term follow ups with the treatment show lasting results
  1. Klein K.B and her team tested the reduction of subcutaneous fat and found that the treatment has no direct impact on liver function of serum lipid levels
  1. Dover JM Burns and his time found that many patients found up to a 22% reduction in “love handles” after only one visit.
  1. According to Coleman SR, Sachdecan and Egbert BM, there is no evidence of long-term negatives effects on the nervous system.

Cool Sculpting is growing in popularity because of the scientific studies that suggest it is safe, effective, and sustainable. For Cool Sculpting in NYC visit us at one of our medical spas in NYC.

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