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Get rid of that Stubborn Body Fat with Coolsculpting

Fat in the body can be stubborn. Even with proper diet and exercise habits, it can be difficult to remove all unwanted fat. In certain cases, it may even be impossible to get the desired results without extra help. Liposuction is an invasive procedure, and so it can be dangerous. Chemicals and pills can also have adverse effects on the body. Unfortunately, it is not hard to find stories of people getting sick and dying from dangerous diet pills. At Just Melt, we offer safe and non-invasive Coolsculpting treatments. Coolsculpting is a revolutionary way to kill fat.

Coolsculpting works by using cold to kill fat cells that developed in the body during maturity. After three days, fat cells begin to die from the inside out. 1st timers can notice 20-25% reductions. For desired results, patients come back for two or more treatments. Results can be physically seen as early as three weeks, but best results are seen between one to three months.

We can debulk and sculpt specific areas of the body depending on your wants and needs. For instance, we can flatten the inner thigh and get rid of the bulges on the outer thigh. If you have pesky chin fat, we can help with that as well. We treat only specific parts of the body that patients want to be treated. For more information about Coolsculpting in NYC, give us a call or visit our medical spa in NYC.

Coolsculpting can help you look and feel good. We customize treatment plans for each of our clients so that we can give you the best experience with ideal results. Visit our medical spa in NYC for a consultation.

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