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Important Cool Sculpting Facts

cool-sculpting-nycCool Sculpting is making a big name for itself in the body-contouring world. Other popular methods require medication, surgery, or recuperation time. Cool Sculpting offers many of the same benefits provided by traditional weight loss means, but it does it without the side effect. Of course, there are some effects of Cool Sculpting, but they are minimal when compared to liposuction or most weightless pills. Cool Sculpting is a safe and effective way to shed unwanted pounds. Some facts about Cool Sculpting are:

Most people who go for treatments would either recommend the procedure or go for it again. This is according to a study published by RealSelf.

Although there are no hospital stays or sedation with Cool Sculpting, individual treatments can take over an hour. Depending on the areas being done, the procedure could potentially take even longer.

After the applicator is removed from the body, the area will be red with a lump. The first time someone sees this, they tend to get freaked out, but this is a natural part of the procedure. Our technicians message the skin to make everything level and reasonable. The lump does not stay.

Side effects of Cool Sculpting include bruising, slight swelling, and tingling in the treated areas. This can stay for up to a week after treatments.

Cool Sculpting will help you shed excess weight, but it is not a permeant method. Cool Sculpting is not a license to eat whatever you would like.

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