In our previous article on frequently asked questions and side effects, we only began to scratch the surface of common issues that most new patients have. In this article, we will continue the list of FAQs and CoolSculpting.

Which area of the body has the most side effects? CoolSculpting is a targeted weight loss treatment, which means that weight loss comes only from parts of the body that are treated. No place is worse than any other. Side effects do tend to be more apparent for those that use larger applicators on the lower abdomen). Of course, it is imperative to know that results vary on an individual basis.

Are there any rare side effects associated with CoolSculpting? Yes, rare issues can occur. If a person suffers from cryoglobulinemia or paroxysmal, he/she should not go for CoolSculpting.

Do serious side effects exist? Serious issues are very rare for this type of treatment. To this day, not a single life-threatening case of CoolSculpting exists. Before going for treatments, a patient will meet with a doctor to discuss medical history and underlying problems. This is the best method to determine if CoolSculpting is right for you.

Can I get nerve damage from treatments? Multiple studies indicate that there is no direct connection between treatments and long-term nerve damage. It is normal to feel numb after a session, and that numbness can last for up to six weeks. The numbness is not associated with nerve damage.

Issues exist with almost any medical or cosmetic treatment. CoolSculpting does have risks associated with it, but those risks are minimal and not always experienced. CoolSculpting is safe, effective, and has few side effects.

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