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New Theory on Coolsculpting
11 Jun 16 Blog Comments Off on New Theory on Coolsculpting

New Theory on Coolsculpting

With summer here and our obsession with #bodygoals rising with every celeb post on Insta, it is no wonder we will do all it takes to get our booties in shape just in time for beach season. We’re not the biggest fans of going under the needle for aesthetics, yet we love the idea of sculpting our bodies with nothing but a few beauty hacks from the pros. Just Melt, a premier Med Spa based in NYC has recently educated us on the benefits of a new life-changing method called CoolSculpting. Turns out, beauty miracles do exist – here is all you need to know about this fabulous method:

What is the main difference between CoolSculpting and plastic surgery?

Although it is a common misconception, CoolSculpting is not a surgery at all. You simply walk into the office, have it done while you are relaxing, and then you walk out and get back to your normal activities.

How long do the effects last?

The effects can be permanent if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise. The fat cells that disappear are gone forever, but the ones that remain can get bigger if you don’t take care of yourself.

What is the difference between liposuction and CoolSculpting? 

Liposuction is surgery where a canula is inserted to suction out the fat. It usually requires anesthesia to be done well and has some recovery time of a week or so. CoolSculpting has no recovery time and there is nothing invasive about it.

Who would you recommend this treatment to?

The best candidate is someone with mild to moderate fat deposits in their abdomen or waistline.

Is it simply aesthetic, and if so, is it safe for everyone?

It is aesthetic and essentially safe for everyone. If you have a hernia in the area, you can’t have it done, and if you are very sensitive to cold it might not be for you.

Have you seen a rise in young adults getting procedures such as this one to modify their appearance?

Yes, the popularity of this procedure has grown rapidly over the last 2 years.

Tell us about the process, side effects, recovery time, etc.

You come in, sit for a few hours while the applicator is applied to different areas and the area is frozen, and then you leave. There is no recovery. Side effects are minimal – maybe a little bruise or temporary tingling, usually nothing. Only 1% of people have pain afterwards that requires a mild pain medicine.

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27 May 16 Blog Comments Off on From Fat to Fit Through Freezing with CoolsCulpting (Featured In Social Life Mag)

From Fat to Fit Through Freezing with CoolsCulpting (Featured In Social Life Mag)

Health & Beauty

By J.O. StefanO

JustMelt Article Memorial Day Weekend 2016_CS (1)


Disclaimer: Results may vary

Just a few years ago, Dr. Jacquie Smiles created JustMelt, a technologically advanced medspa with a fleet of all the top FDA approved machines in the world for body contouring, right in the heart of Manhattan. Today, JustMelt offer patients the perfect blend of aesthetics and science for their body, skincare, and weight-loss needs so they can get their confidence back with cutting-edge non-surgical procedures. “I’ve always said that beauty begins and exudes with a healthy smile, but I’ve expanded it to the rest of the body,” says Dr. Jacquie. “As an artist, it is extremely gratifying to not only create a perfect smile but also to help people achieve inner beauty externally from head to toe.” What’s burning hot in 2016? According to Dr. Jacquie, you better get from the back of the line to the front now for CoolSculpting, one of the most superior, non-surgical techniques that eliminates fat forever.
“We’ve never seen anything like this,” says Dr. Jacquie. “The CoolSculpting procedure is proven, safe, and effective. The days of costly, time-consuming, and painful downtimes from invasive surgeries are over for so many people. My clients are getting “wow” results and they love how their clothes fit better, feel better, and look better.” What is it?

The CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting — so you’ll look great from every angle. And, Dr. Jacquie has built her reputation on perfecting the procedure in her exclusive Manhattan medspa.

“CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure, and I have been blown away by patients’ results!” says Dr. Jacquie. “What’s most rewarding is the complete experience: my patients felt great.” How does it work and where did this come from? According to, scientists at Harvard observed that some children who ate popsicles got dimples in their cheeks. The scientists realized that the popsicles were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells.

The idea that cold can target fat cells — without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue — was the insight behind cryolipolysis, the proven science on which the CoolSculpting procedure is based. “Fat cells frozen during the CoolSculpting procedure gradually die off and leave the body through the body’s natural elimination process,” says Dr. Jacquie. “That’s why the results are long-term. The fat is gone for good! And, untreated areas will have no change in fat cell distribution.”

Jacquie says that years of research have gone into this technology, and thousands of patients speak to its success. “CoolSculpting is not a fad because it’s based on sound science,” she says. “Leading researchers and doctors have published scientific and clinical journal papers, medical meeting posters, and technical reports hailing its success, and I’m on the front end, working with patients every day who are saying ‘Just freeze it at JustMelt.’ We are, and they love it!”

18 May 16 Blog Comments Off on Summer Sculpt: Ways To Melt Away Your Problem Areas

Summer Sculpt: Ways To Melt Away Your Problem Areas


Disclaimer: Results may vary

As summer is quickly approaching, many of us are kicking it into gear in hopes of ridding that stubborn body fat to not only look our best but feel our best too. Unfortunately, regular or rigorous diet and exercise routines do not always give us the results we expect and desire. With the countless diet fads on the market and ever-changing workout routines, it’s hard to find which ones work best for you and your body. The truth of the matter is that no matter how much we try to shed the excess, unwanted pounds, they remain on our bodies in bulges and make us feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Luckily, JustMelt has body contouring treatments that will melt and cool away unwanted fat just in time for summer.

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction technique that targets certain areas on the body that hold unwanted fat and cools them away with a safe, non-invasive procedure. This process, approved by the FDA, helps rid stubborn fat bulges that do not respond to regular diet and exercise. By freezing the fat cells with non-invasive technology, you can lose inches in no time and receive a boost in self-confidence.

This treatment is favored over many others because there is no surgical process involved while achieving the same results with no needles, knives or downtime. In as little as three months, patients will see a drastic improvement as the unwanted “frozen” fat naturally metabolizes in the treated areas.

The process begins with an initial consultation to discuss and identify which areas of the body you would like to target and your technician will determine which application would work best on the areas that you have chosen.

The CoolSculpting technician will begin the procedure by placing a topical sheet over the chosen areas to numb the targeted regions and will then apply applicator. Each area that has been selected for treatment takes 1 hour and patients typically pass the time by reading, playing or talking on their phones, working on their laptops or simply just relaxing.

There is no downtime for recovery, however you may feel a numb, tingling or sore sensation in the treated areas. There is possibility of redness after the treatment that should only last for a few hours and you may return to your regular day to day activities immediately.

The following 3 months, post-treatment, your body will work to metabolize the targeted frozen fat cells and you will begin to see a transformation.

This procedure can be used to target the arms, legs, thighs and stomach and one treatment alone can reduce circumference about 25%. CoolSculpting may be a repeated treatment if desired and can be combined with other body contouring techniques if necessary.

Another method to getting that fit, firm body just in time for summer is Zerona. The experts use this fat melting laser to emit a 635 nanometer red light to activate a light sensitive enzyme known as cytochrome c oxidase that exists in fat cells. This laser will create a temporary pore in the cell that is later filled with droplets of lipid.  As the fat travels through the lymphatic system, it makes its way to the liver and will eventually burn off as energy.

Although our number of fat cells do not multiply beyond puberty, the size of these fat cells can increase up to 25 times their size depending on our diet and exercise routines.

“What does this all mean?” you may ask. In short, this procedure will aid in reducing or ridding fat bulges around the hips, thighs and waist without surgery, dieting and painful discomfort with no downtime. With this FDA approved method, there is likelihood of losing 3.5-9.5 inches in just two weeks. These treatments should be repeated every other day for two weeks in 40 minute intervals and there is no pain, danger or risk during or after the procedure.

To schedule your consultation for CoolSculpting or Zerona in the NYC area, contact JustMelt today at 1-800-WEJUSTMELT (1-212-447-1155).

09 May 16 Blog Comments Off on Lifestyle Expert Reviews Coolsculpting on Anniversary

Lifestyle Expert Reviews Coolsculpting on Anniversary

Disclaimer: Results may vary

Patient from NYC reviews her CoolSculpting experience performed by Dr. Jacquie Smiles of Just Melt med spa. CoolScultping by Zeltiq is a safe non-invasive procedure, cleared by the FDA, that gently cools unwanted fat cells to prompt controlled elimination of fat in the body. This fat freezing technology helps with problem areas such as the lower abdomen and sides (love handles area). Lifestyle blogger Christina Carathanassis discusses her experience dealing with Dr. Smiles and her staff from Just Melt. View her before and after photos and see how amazing CoolScultping results.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat freezing treatment. It painlessly and permanently removes fat by between 25% and 40% per treated area.

Coolsculpting Fat Reduction is effective for treating:
+ Muffin top
+ Love handles
+ Saddlebags
+ Flabby inner thighs
+ Man boobs
+ Areas of fat that you can’t get rid of despite exercising and dieting

Christina Carathanassis, Chief Blogger at and a frequent contributor for a host of lifestyle publications, resides on the Upper West Side of NYC. A former beauty & lifestyle publicist for innumerable high profile companies and influencers, her finger continues to be on the pulse of new trends and must-have products. She has been featured on broadcast outlets The CBS Early Show, Fox & Friends, ABC News and the Discovery Channel, as well as print publications Entrepreneur Magazine, Shape and Star magazines.
To learn more about CoolSculpting or to setup your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Jacquie Smiles in NYC, please call 212-447-1155 or visit

Beach Ready Made Easy with Just Melt
22 Apr 16 Blog Comments Off on Beach Ready Made Easy with Just Melt

Beach Ready Made Easy with Just Melt

With warmer weather slowly – but surely- approaching, one thing that’s on our minds is heading out to the beach, basking in the sun rays and relaxing in the warm breeze. As wonderful as this all sounds in our heads, reality sinks in when we think about how our bodies are far from beach ready. With such a pro-longed winter, we tend to lack the drive to get ourselves back in tip-top shape. Luckily, Just Melt is your go to weight-loss oasis with solutions to your problems.  

With a combination of the hCG Diet, Cyber Body Slimming and Venus Freeze, in just a short amount of time, you will achieve that beach body you’ve longed for and immediate satisfaction.

The hCG Diet

We all know how many diet plans are out there in the world and just how difficult it can be to stick with one. We want to put in the work and dedication but sometimes fall short when it comes to self-control and willpower.

On the other end of the spectrum, diet pills can be a dangerous and tricky road to venture down. Multiple diet pills and supplements on the market are typically advertised to contain certain elements that help trigger weight loss, suppress appetite and speed up metabolism but don’t actually incorporate those ingredients in the product. A lot of hCG supplements being sold today are actually homeopathic, as they contain no hCG.

This is where Just Melt comes in. With the hCG diet, you can be sure that what you are taking is the real deal as they only use the pharmaceutical grade with actual prescription hCG. This means that it will do what it’s intended- shed weight rapidly (1-2 lbs. per day), suppress hunger, reset metabolism to a faster rate while maintaining a healthy, low calorie diet that is both safe and effective.

The hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that is produced when a woman becomes pregnant. By tricking the body into a pregnancy-state, these components will contribute to fat burning. Although you are only eating between 500-700 calories per day, you are still receiving 2,000-3,000 calories each day when the fat is broken down.

This diet has helped over 1,000,000 men and women lose weight and maintain their results.

Cyber Body Slimming

Hitting the gym is an integral part of becoming a healthy, better you. Not only do you want to feel good, but you want to look even better. But let’s face it, not everyone has the time or dedication to go to the gym only to wait long-term for some real results. In other cases, people can attend the gym daily for months on end and won’t see results as they aren’t targeting the right areas. Sometimes, we just don’t know what works nor can we spend hundreds on a trainer each month.

Luckily, Just Melt can help you get the fit, toned body you’ve been longing for without the sweat. With just ten minutes of Triangular Oscillation Vibrations, you will reap the benefits of 1 hour in the gym. Cyber Body Slimming will not only help you lose weight, but also increase lean muscle mass without the workout.

By tricking the brain into thinking that the muscles should contract helps mimic the “work-out” process. The rocking and rolling sensation communicates this message from the brain to the muscles of the body. The body naturally reacts to imbalance, brought upon by vibrations all while increasing flexibility and range of motion.

By increasing lean muscle mass, your body will become more fuel-efficient by burning more calories than usual. This contributes greatly to weight loss as the more calories your body burns, the more likely you are for an impressive amount of weight loss.

Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze is an FDA approved treatment to help reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. This new technology is simple, safe, and overall- affordable.

You may have lost a ton of weight and you love to see the difference in the toning of your body, however, it’s taking a lot longer than expected, not to mention that there are problem areas that we just can’t seem to fix. Getting in shape helps us look great and feel good about ourselves but diet and exercise only go so far. What about that pesky cellulite on your thighs? Or perhaps there’s a few wrinkles on your forehead that show your age and doesn’t match up with your lean body.

With Venus Freeze, Just Melt can help these individuals that want to see a difference in their appearance but don’t want to undergo surgery. By combining pulsed magnetic fields and radio frequency, the elastic fibers and collagen in the skin are heated up to trigger the body’s natural healing process. With this, you not only produce additional collagen and elastic fibers, but the already existing fibers are greatly improved and results in tightened, toned skin.

So if you’re falling behind on hitting the gym and meal-prepping, Just Melt has you covered. Look and feel your best without the stress and sweat.

11 Apr 16 Blog Comments Off on Spring Feature on Examiner

Spring Feature on Examiner


Disclaimer: Results may vary

Although the weather is starting to slowly heat up, Just Melt medspa in NYC is checking in on the status of your new year’s resolution- just in time for Spring Cleaning mode.

So how are you doing on those resolutions? Still on top of things I hope.

However while the rest of the population anticipates the warm conditions approaching, Just Melt is all about the cool factor. After all some of the hottest beauty trends and cosmetic treatments use subzero temperatures to get your face and your figure flawless from head to toe.

I know what you are thinking. The cold shoulder is never a good thing right? Well to me that just seems to be a negative attitude when referencing the benefits of negative degrees. Give it a chance.

Venus Freeze, cryotherapy, and cool-sculpting are some of the most commonly requested, non-invasive procedures using freezing techniques to ironically “melt away the fat” and boost a person’s system. With respect to one’s resolution, many people attempt to commit to personal weight-loss goals and an overall change regarding increasing the levels of one’s circulation and health – both oftentimes can be overwhelming and realistically unobtainable. On the other end of the spectrum, the transformation of spring reflects images of rejuvenation and revitalization. So where do you fall in this category?

If April showers bring May flowers, how close are you to blooming before summer hits?

The idea behind coldness is frequently recycled as a therapeutic method because it is superior for reducing inflammation, a condition every individual’s body is constantly fighting against. It is a safe and effective, preferred choice of destruction to rid yourself of unwanted calls, including fat storage and/or skin growths.

These two distinctive and exclusive qualities solidify cold as the new hot. High-tech, temperature dropping mediums provide permanent desired results with optimal smooth solutions from skin-tightening to creating your most perfect silhouette and self. Confidence not included. Just kidding, a clear enhanced esteem goes without saying.

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31 Mar 16 Blog Comments Off on Resolution Checkup? Spring Cleaning Starts with the Mid-section

Resolution Checkup? Spring Cleaning Starts with the Mid-section


Disclaimer: Results may vary

If you are seeking a way to slim down or get rid of the extra fat from your middle, then you may want to begin your spring cleaning with a CoolSculpting treatment. Not only do you want to clean out your cabinets of junk food that is not good for you, you also want to make sure that you keep off the excess weight and fat.

CoolSculpting uses the latest in technology to slim the physique by “freezing one’s fat cells.” However, the results won’t be permanent if you don’t make it a resolution to use a more nutritional approach to dieting.

An FDA-cleared Procedure

While hundreds of thousands of patients undergo liposuction annually, many are not aware that CoolSculpting also removes fat and is non-invasive. FDA-cleared, the fat-removal process is an unprecedented treatment for removing love handles and similar stubborn sites where fat likes to congregate.

CoolSculpting itself was the brainchild of two doctors from Harvard. The idea of using the “cold” to get rid of fat stemmed from the observation that people who consumed popsicles as a kid grew up to be adults with dimples. The cold actually annihilated the cells of fat in their cheeks.

Therefore, any discomfort that is felt comes in the form of an intense feeling of cold.

There is a reason for that kind of response – no it is not winter hanging on, it is the way the process works. The procedure feels icy because the equipment that is used is working to freeze the fat cells in the body. Once the cells are frozen, they drain away naturally. It usually takes from six weeks to three months to see results. However, don’t think that CoolSculpting is a substitute for liposuction if you have a good deal of fat. CoolSculpting is not suggested for people who have an overabundance of excess fat.

Get Rid of Those Pesky Love Handles

After the CoolSculpting process, you won’t show off any dimples. However, you will show some temporary redness and, on occasion, some bruising. Worldwide, about 425,000 CoolSculpting treatments are performed annually. You can get rid of love handles as well as belly fat. Usually, it costs a bit more money to get rid of the stomach fat.

Compare the popularity of CoolSculpting with a report issued by the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. According to the news, the United States leads the way with respect to plastic surgery. Over 1 million procedures are performed annually. Some of the most popular procedures are liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. However, if the fat you need to get rid of is not excessive, you can bypass the lipo and tummy tuck for a less invasive treatment.

Would you like to turn your two-pack abs into a four-pack? Then you need to find out more about the CoolSculpting process today. The process is so non-invasive that you can read a book or check your e-mail during a session or practice some Yoga afterwards.

However, be aware that the fat cells that are removed are still surrounded by fat cells that can expand. Therefore, you need to maintain a healthy program of diet and exercise when pursuing this course of treatment.



Inject Back Life into Your Skin – An Overview of Injectables and How They Enhance Your Glow Even During the Hibernation Months
10 Mar 16 Blog Comments Off on Inject Back Life into Your Skin – An Overview of Injectables and How They Enhance Your Glow Even During the Hibernation Months

Inject Back Life into Your Skin – An Overview of Injectables and How They Enhance Your Glow Even During the Hibernation Months

While we can review all the injectables listed to reduce lines and wrinkles, keep in mind that certain products are better for treating crow’s feet or laugh lines while other products are better suited for treating those lines that make you look angry, such as frown lines. Two of these products are Dysport and Xeomin.

How Dysport is Used

Not all lines are produced by age. Sometimes, repeated facial movements, such as squinting or frowning can have an impact too. Therefore, you can be relatively young and look like you are angry with the world. Frown lines develop, over time, from the repeated tightening and contraction of the muscles between the brows. Injectables, such as Dysport, block this activity so frown lines won’t develop. The product is therefore used to reduce the look of frown lines that are moderate to severe.


A Review of Xeomin

Xeomin is a prescription medicine that is used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines, also known as glabellar lines. The medicine contains botulinum toxin type A. This ingredient is a protein that is purified from Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium. The medicine is sometimes called icobotulinumtoxinA. (Just reading this paragraph probably has you caused you to frown and contemplate.)

Xeomin is used to treat glabellar lines by acting on nerve endings in muscles to stop the muscle fibers from contracting. Like Dysport, the injectable keeps you from producing frown lines or frowning. However, it takes about two weeks to see noticeable results.


The popular injectable, Botox, is also used with this same concept in mind. The medicine is the leading non-surgical treatment used for reducing lines and wrinkles or preventing the signs of age. Botox is preferred as it only takes 10 minutes per appointment for the injection. Plus, there is no reported downtime involved. In fact, all the injectables that are used do not take a great deal of time to apply nor require downtime. You can obtain a Botox treatment during you lunch hour and head right back to work.
HA Fillers

Products, such as Restylane, Perlane, Belotero and Juvederm, are known as facial fillers. All these injectables make use of hyaluronic acid or HA. HA is a safe and non-allergenic agent that easily binds to water molecules in the dermis, thereby plumping up the skin’s underlying foundation. These injectables are recommended for the following –

  • Nasolabial folds (lines that span between the nose and corners of the mouth)
  • Marionette lines (lines formed at the corners of the mouth)
  • Lip enhancement purposes
  • Adding volume to the cheeks

The above injectables are recommended for almost all types of skin, are non-invasive and cause little discomfort.


While the above fillers contain HA, Radiesse will also plump up the skin but offers another type of ingredient. The calcium-based ingredient in the product is naturally found in the bones and teeth. Radiesse offers immediate results without the need for surgery. Radiesse’s Volumizing Filler is ideal for filling in any of those unwanted wrinkles and folds.


Sculptra is a product that works at replacing the lost collagen in the skin and requires a series of treatments. Usually, three injections are required over several months. The number of sessions vary from one person to the next. The therapy can provide visible results for as long as two years .Sculptra Aesthetic is helpful for anyone who displays –

  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Marionette lines (lines that frame the lips)
  • Wrinkles on the chin

Subtle results from the therapy are seen over time.

As you can see, you have a number of injectables that are available to you. All of the above products will keep you looking youthful and fresh even during those times your skin needs a rest.

04 Feb 16 Blog Comments Off on Results are Ongoing with JustMelt

Results are Ongoing with JustMelt

January Started Off Freezing and So Should You: Reviewing CoolSculpting


Disclaimer: Results may vary

Do you want to obtain a new lease on life? Well, you have the chance to do  just that, thanks to the new and innovative process of freezing. JustMelt uses a really “cool” process known as CoolSculpting to freeze those stubborn fat cells and eliminate them once and for all. The non-invasive procedure, which has been approved by the FDA, can help anyone to  get rid of the bulges permanently, that don’t seem to go away through diet and exercise.

An Easier Way to Get Rid of Excess Fat

The nonsurgical method of CoolSculpting is designed to get rid of fat without resorting to surgery. CoolSculpting is the way to get rid of those bulges and areas of fat in the 21st century that seem to hang on when you are trying to lose weight. You are the ideal candidate for this process if you have a bulging fat or “muffin top” and  want to get rid of it without the danger of surgery as well as find a treatment that is easy and quick.

You will like the CoolSculpting gentle method of freezing as it also does not require any amount of downtime. Women and men who opt for CoolSculpting are more motivated to eat right and exercise as they don’t have any kind of fat lingering on after they’ve lost weight. In order to schedule a session, you will first need to consult JustMelt and set an appointment to discuss your concerns as well as identify your CoolSculpting target area. JustMelt offers complimentary consultations.

A Comfortable Process

The process is initiated when the technician determines which applicator is the best one to use for the CoolSculpting site. A topical sheet is set on the site being treated in order to protect your skin before the applicator is used. The procedure is very comfortable as most patients are engaged in other activities, such as talking on their mobile phone or reading a book,even work on their laptop during a session. The selected areas for CoolSculpting take approximately an hour per cycle to treat and, again, the patient achieves permanent results.

Positive and Permanent Results

As you continue to lose weight, you may feel the need to come back to JustMelt for another treatment to remove any problem areas of still-lingering excess fat. After the process, the treated area may feel numb for several days. In addition, sensations of soreness or tingling may occur. The treatment site may be red; however, the color should subside a few hours after the session. You can return to your normal activities or work right after a scheduled appointment.

When you go through CoolSculpting  your body will work to metabolize the cells of fat that are frozen during the one-hour process. By the time 3 months rolls around, you will be able to see visible results. The CoolSculpting treatment will pare down the circumference by about 25%. To enhance the results,

simply set up a follow up appointment in 3 months to determine if you need to do another session or a different procedure to enhance the results.

We, at JustMelt truly live up to our name. Give us a call at 1-800WEJUSTMELT (1-212-447-1155) to request a consultation or to  find out further details.


17 Jan 16 Blog Comments Off on Tighten Up for the New Year: The Difference between Skin Tightening and Body Sculpting

Tighten Up for the New Year: The Difference between Skin Tightening and Body Sculpting

Disclaimer: Results may vary

Would you like to have a tighter and firmer body for the New Year? Well, getting to know about how skin tightening treatments work and how they differ from body scultping can bring you one step closer to your goal. That way, you can make a better assessment of which procedure is best designed for your weight-reduction or fat-loss needs.

 The Basic Difference between Tightening and Sculpting

Skin tightening is used for firming up the skin and toning it while body sculpting is used to break down fat cells so the skin appears toned and tight.While you may not weigh less from body sculpting, your measurements will reflect your progress. Your clothes will fit better!

 The Ulthera Skin Tightening Procedure

Skin tightening features two types of non-invasive treatment options today. These options include Ulthera and the Venus Freeze. Ulthera provides both tightening and lifting of the skin with no downtime, such as surgery. For instance, a single treatment of 60 minutes will offer dramatic results almost immediately. This ultrasound procedure offers a non-invasive and non-surgical option that utilizes the natural healing process of the body to lift, tighten and tone loose or sagging skin. The treatment primarily targets the areas of the chin, brow, face, and neck. 

Many patients opt for Ultherapy as the treatments are not uncomfortable and, again, the process does not involve downtime. The quick procedure lasts up to 90 minutes and is recommended for tightening hard-to-reach places. The process works for tightening and toning as it uses ultrasound to build up the collagen beneath the skin, a protein that is needed to keep skin youthful and supple. However, growth of the protein tapers off with age. That is why tightening procedures encourage collagen remodeling or growth. 

Collagen helps build muscle and lift the skin over time, just like exercise tones and builds up muscles. Therefore, Ulthera uses this type of process to stimulate the supportive layers of the skin, including the layers that are normally addressed in a traditional facelift. 


The skin tightening therapy initiates collagen synthesis without damage to the surface of the skin. This popular system was approved by the FDA in 2009 and is the only non-invasive technology of its kind to receive FDA endorsement for a lift.

 The Venus Freeze

The Venus Freeze, yet another skin tightening procedure, is offered to reduce the look of cellulite and tighten the skin. This process makes use of pulsed magnetic fields as well as radio frequency to encourage the production of collagen. The therapy takes about 30 minutes and usually requires eight to ten treatments per area.

This type of treatment can be performed on any area of the body and produces tighter and smoother skin while, again, decreasing cellulite. Many patients compare the non-invasive procedure to a hot–stone massage. The Venus Freeze is often chosen for smoothing the skin and getting rid of the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.

Body Sculpting Using the CoolSculpting System 

Another non-invasive procedure is CoolSculpting, a body sculpting procedure that is both non-invasive and painless. While skin tightening involves firming and toning the skin, body sculpting, when using CoolSculpting technology, enables patients to get rid of that stubborn fat that cannot be whittled away by diet and exercise.

Supported by the FDA, CoolSculpting freezes unwanted fat cells in the body and helps you lose inches at specific areas. You are a good candidate for this form of body sculpting if you want to get rid of bulging, stubborn fat but do not want to undergo surgery. CoolSculpting allows you to feel your best as the treatment helps you get rid of fat naturally. Results can be seen starting from 3 weeks to final results visible in 3 months.

Now is the Time to Make a Decision for the New Year

Now that you know the options, it is time to schedule a consultation. You can look your absolute best this New Year. See which treatment will give you the best results for your particular body type and weight loss or fat reduction goals.

26 Dec 15 Blog Comments Off on CoolSculpting is A Super Cool Way to Lose Fat

CoolSculpting is A Super Cool Way to Lose Fat

Most women, when they look into the mirror, simply do not like how their stomachs, thighs or hips look. Even women of a normal weight do not like how fat cells seem to accumulate. Those pockets of fat called cellulite can be distracting as can those extra bumps or bulges that never seem to go away.

Fortunately, you can streamline your look through a freezing process called CoolSculpting. The technology uses a machine and device that is placed on the targeted area. The device freezes stubborn fat cells so they crystallize and go away. So, if you don’t like those bulges that appear on the inner or outer thighs or hips, you are a CoolSculpting candidate.

How CoolSculpting Works to Get Rid of Fat

You also are a CoolSculpting candidate if you wish to get rid of any fat beneath your chin or excess abdominal fat. CoolSculpting takes care of most of those sites where exercise or any attempts at toning simply does not make a difference.


CoolSculpting therefore makes it possible for us to follow a diet and see good results. This controlled cooling process is known as Cryolipolysis   – a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure targets and kills only stubborn fat cells. Once the cells are treated, they are eliminated from the body for good. That is good news for anyone who has tried numerous diets and felt that they could not ever get rid of certain areas of fat. Now, you can diet and look and feel your best.

There is a Difference between Losing Weight and Getting Rid of Fat

That is why CoolSculpting is considered one of the major fat-reducing treatments today. Fat loss can be achieved and attained when your diet is complemented with an innovative technique, such as CoolSculpting. This FDA-approved non-invasive procedure can also help you better understand the difference between merely losing weight and getting rid of fat.

People often fail at diets because they believe that a reduction in fat and weight loss are one and the same thing when, in fact, they are not. When you lose weight, fat cells in the body become smaller, but the number remains the same. However, when you regain the weight, those same cells, once again, become bigger. When CoolSculpting is employed, the number of fat cells decline and therefore cannot become bigger. As a result, the procedure can assist you in permanently removing excess fat from your body – the fat that tends to remain when you try to lose weight.

Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Once and For All

The treated fat cells in a CoolSculpting procedure are eliminated once and for all. Even if you don’t weigh less, you will appear to be thinner and your clothes will also fit and look better too. Fat cells are eliminated and there is no change in the fat cell distribution in untreated areas. So, even if you do not lose weight, you will lose the fat that causes the lumps, bumps and bulges that cannot be smoothed and toned by diet and exercise alone.

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When Will People Notice?

Here’s How Much Weight You’d Need To Lose For Anyone To Even Notice

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Researchers discovered the amount of weight one needs to lose before others notice a change in attractiveness.

According to Medical Daily, a team at the University of Toronto created a collection of photos featuring the faces of men and women between the ages of 20 and 40.

The average height of male participants was 5’10” while the average female participant was 5’4″, the “Today” show reports.

These photos were digitally altered to give off the illusion each participant was photographed numerous times at different BMIs (Body Mass Indexes).

Participants then picked two photos from a pile at random and wrote down which faces seemed heavier, in addition to which ones they found more attractive.

Researchers concluded one needs to undergo a decrease of 0.89 or greater in BMI for an onlooker to notice a loss of weight by looking at one’s face.

For a face to produce a noticeable change in attractiveness, however, one needs to shrink his or her BMI by nearly twice as much.

In a press release, Nicholas Rule, the head of social perception and cognition research at the University of Toronto, said,

“Women and men of average height need to gain or lose about 8 and 9 pounds for anyone to see it in their face, but they need to lose about twice as much for anyone to find them more attractive.”

Males needed to lose roughly 18 pounds for participants to notice changes in attractiveness in their faces compared to 14 pounds for females.

Rule said this difference suggests a female face “may be more sensitive” to weight loss than that of a man.

The male faces deemed most attractive reflected a BMI of 24, while the most attractive female faces reflected a BMI of 19.

When average height was taken into account, these BMI measurements translate to a weight of 165 pounds for a man and 111 for a woman.

Study coauthor and postdoctoral fellow Daniel Re explained the purpose of the study to the “Today” show, saying,

“We know from other research that people are more motivated to look attractive than they are to be healthy, and a concrete goal with an actual number attached is more motivating than just an abstract goal.”

The finding that a clear change in attractiveness is harder to achieve than a clear loss of weight may also explain why the former is sometimes a better motivator for one to diet or exercise than simply being healthier, Re added.

This research was originally published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal.

Editor’s note: This study is not claiming everyone needs to lose weight to look more attractive.

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