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After melting away in the blazing hot sun and overloading on some of your favorite BBQ dishes, you begin to notice that the holiday weekend was not very generous on your beach body. Luckily, JustMelt offers the perfect solutions for ridding that extra fourth of July flab and bring back your perfect bikini body.

Cyber Body Slim is one of JustMelt’s best kept secrets, as it delivers results to hundreds of patients that want to create that toned, fit body, but have a difficult time doing so in the gym.

Without ever stepping foot into a weight room or spin class, you can achieve the body you’ve always wanted with the assistance of Cyber Body Slim. It tones and firms the muscles with hundreds of contractions per minute. This technique is used to help mimic a full workout in the gym without the sweat and strenuous activity. This process will further assist patients in weight loss and help increase muscle mass.

Only 10 minutes of Cyber Body Slim will equal up to a 1-hour workout in the gym. For the individuals that are too embarrassed or timid about stepping foot inside the gym and worry about “gym-intimidation”, this is perfect for you.

Using T.O.S, Triangular Oscillation Vibration, Cyber Body Slim mimics a pleasant rocking and rolling action that tricks your brain into telling the muscles of your body to actively contract and to help maintain the equilibrium, this is what creates the “work-out” effect.

There are multiple benefits to Just Melt’s Cyber Body Slim, one being that the body will become more fuel-efficient once the lean muscle mass increases. This, in turn, helps the individual burn more calories throughout the day, not just during an actual workout. As the body burns an increased amount of calories throughout the day, there is a higher potential for dramatic weightless.

Cyber Body Slim will also help improve balance, mobility, range of motion and flexibility even if you are using the best power wheelchair. By toning the muscles and increasing lymphatic drainage, it becomes easier to fight off cellulite that appears on problem areas. Circulation increases as the muscles become more toned and firmed, resulting in the possible tightening of loose skin. This will later give you that smooth, sleek body you’ve always desired.

Another one of JustMelt’s best-kept secrets is known as LipoMassage. This technique helps to permanently eliminate stubborn body fat that doesn’t budge during typical or excessive diet and exercise. Problem areas such as saddlebag thighs, banana bulge, cellulite and fat deposits that resist the effects of strenuous physical activity and proper nutrition.

How do you know if LipoMassage is the right option for you? This treatment is ideal for individuals that are in good standing health that have a lean physique but have a difficult time working on their excess, flabby skin and cellulite.

The treatment itself is risk-free, fast and painless which is the best option for patients that are apprehensive about getting their problem areas surgically treated but want to obtain their desired results. This is also a great option for women that have seen dramatic changes in their figures due to puberty, pregnancy, menopause or other hormonal factors.

It is important to remind those that are interested in these procedures to have realistic expectations and to be knowledgeable of their current body type, diet regimen and exercise routine. These procedures are commonly mistaken for “magic fat-loss” treatments, however, these are offered to individuals that have minor problem areas that will not budge with regular diet and exercise. These treatments are aimed towards individuals that are already in good-standing health and are actively involved in their physique.

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Just a few years ago, in the heart of Manhattan, Dr. Jacquie Smiles created JustMelt MedSpa, a technologically advanced aesthetic center with a fleet of all the top FDA approved machines in the world for non-surgical body contouring and weight loss. In March 2011, Dr. Jacquie was on the cover of the NY Times for Dr. Simeon’s pharmaceutical hCG diet.

Dr. Jacquie says, “We started our office by perfecting a healthy and pretty smile and now have expanded it to the rest of the body. We’re going to help people achieve inner beauty externally from head to toe.”