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NYC’s Dr. Jacquie Smiles and Justmelt offers patients Endermolift™ to treat signs of age, lift, and stimulate firmness. 


(Skin Collagen Stimulator)

Endermolift™ is a mechanical treatment which creates micro-beats to the skin’s surface that stimulates collagen and elastincreating a rebirth of youthful cells.

Endermolift™ is a 100% natural skin redensifying treatment that:

• Fills in wrinkles

• Erases signs of aging

• Redefines and contours the skin

• Provides a soothing lifting effect

• Clarifies the complexion

Relaxing & Improving

This relaxing treatment is designed for all skin types with no discomfort and no down time.

In as little as one hour, we can help you improve the health, firmness and tone of your skin.

Visible skin refinement is seen after just one treatment.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

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