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You might have been telling yourself since the ball dropped on New Years Eve in January that you were going to lose weight for the summer.  Months passed by and your busy schedule and the grueling winter months gave you little motivation to get into the gym to lose those stingy pounds. Next thing you know, Memorial Day weekend approached and still nothing had changed. With the Fourth of July behind us, you might be looking at your calendar feeling like all hope is lost to have that summer body you desired. You may be feeling discouraged to work out because let’s face it, the gym is a process and doesn’t offer immediate results. Diets take time to show the progress your body has made, and cosmetic procedures often require downtime for recovery, and who wants to miss out on all the fun summer has to offer to recover?

With two months left in summer, JustMelt wants you to reclaim your body and feel confident strutting your stuff in that bathing suit. There’s no reason to hide behind cover-ups or feel down about showing off your body. Cyber Body Slim offers the results of working out, without actually having to work out! This non-invasive and pain free procedure tones and firms your body, allowing you to lose weight and increase lean muscle mass. By increasing lean muscle mass, your body becomes more fuel-efficient by burning more calories throughout the day, not just during your “workout.” The more calories that you are able to burn, the more weight you will lose.

By using a Triangular Oscillation Vibration system, hundreds of systematic involuntary muscle contractions are generated creating an “effective workout” that tightens and tones your body. We are tricking your body into thinking that it is working out! 10 minutes with this machine is equivalent to 1 hour at the gym!

The Triangular Oscillation System vibrates at one correct megahertz or more using a lifting mechanism along with vibration. By using a gentle and comfortable rocking and rolling action, the vibration causes your muscles to react to imbalance, therefore stimulating receptors in the Achilles tendon called Golgi bodies that stimulate nerve receptors which track up to the cerebellum  (the part of your brain responsible for balance.) This causes your brain to tell the muscles of your body to actively contract to maintain its equilibrium, therefore, creating a “work-out.” This procedure strengthens muscles while increasing flexibility in muscles, joints and ligaments. Your range of motion, balance and mobility are improved as well.

Cyber Body Slim increases circulation and increases lymphatic drainage fighting off cellulite and tightening your skin while also improving bone density. Walk out of our office with a newfound confidence for this summer leaving your insecurities at our door. Just melt the pounds away with us!

Justmelt® into your perfect self. Dr. Jacquie Smiles offers consultations to her patients in and around the NYC area to answer all Cyber Body Slim questions and discuss desired results.