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Excessive sweating, commonly known as Hyperhidrosis, affects more than just your underarms, including your hands, feet, groin and face. This type of sweating is brought on by easy everyday tasks, not just when anxiety kicks in before a big meeting or a first date. Excessive sweating is a medical condition that individuals attempt to treat through the use of regular antiperspirant or even prescription grade antiperspirant. However, most individuals are typically let down because the solution simply isn’t strong enough to handle the problem. For those individuals, preventing excessive sweating is an all day, every day occurrence leading to uncomfortable, unsightly ruins of all of your clothing.

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But alas! There may be a new route to travel down in the world of preventative sweat, and that implies entering into the aesthetic realm where (almost) nothing is impossible. Believe it or not, cosmetic fillers such as Botox can be used for more than retaining your youth. Botox injections are proving to be the new trendy defense mechanism against excessive sweat production, more specifically, under the arms and on the face.

The use of Botox in areas that produce and excrete excessive amounts of sweat can help minimize or completely block the sweat glands for up to one year. The Botox acts as a barricade, ultimately decreasing the communication between the nerves and the sweat glands.

Many individuals have concerns about injecting the Botox into the specific areas of the body, however, it is considered to be the only cosmetic procedure with a patient satisfaction rate of 95%. There has been data supporting the predictability, safety, and efficacy for the treatment and outcome.

It is important to remember that each person is different and that treatment longevity and efficiency varies due to different metabolic responses and how the body breaks down Botox. It has been found that working out or high stress can break down the Botox at a more rapid pace.

Just Melt of Manhattan is a renowned med-spa that is devoted to customer satisfaction with high standards of customer service. Offering a wide range of injectable fillers on their menu, it is important to understand what your overall goals are and which product will work best for you. Using the guidance of your Just Melt specialist after an assessment, you will gain full knowledge of what treatment will satisfy your needs and put your concerns at ease. No sweat!