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Important Facts About CoolSculpting NYC

The most basic thing to know about CoolSculpting is that the treatment uses cold to freeze away fat from the body. It is known to be successful and is approved by the FDA as safe and effective. Learning more about the procedure helps individuals to decide if the treatment is right for them.

A person can work on more than one area at a time. Because there is no recovery time, a person can work on both arms or legs in one session. CoolSculpting can take up to an hour, and so doubling up on treatments is a great way to save time. 

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A person will not see immediate results after treatments. The body after CoolSculpting will slowly shed fat. A one hour-long session is estimated to destroy 20% of the unwanted fat in an area.

Get ready to have your skin look different after treatments— changes are only temporary. Some people have claimed it seems like they have a stick of butter under their skin.  The area will be raised, shiny, and pinkish. After treatments, the swollen area is massaged to help the skin return to normal.

After CoolSculpting, a patient must continue to exercise and diet. The treatment helps to get rid of unwanted fat, but it won’t prevent fat cells you have from not growing. CoolSculpting does not give people a free pass to eat and act as they want.

CoolSculpting NYC

CoolSculpting is an excellent fat loss treatment for many individuals that are having trouble removing fat from specific parts of the body. For the best CoolSculpting NYC has, you should visit us at our medspa.

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