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The beach is the one place women will always struggle to feel confident and beautiful. We are never quite “beach ready”. Hence why most women tend to attempt to hide behind their big ole’ floppy hats and favorite pair of bug-eyed Hepburns… However, this golden goddess guide is the ultimate cheat sheet for feeling flawless from head to toe on the sands- literally.

The fact is women desire to, and oftentimes expect to, feel like we are on the set of our very own Victoria’s Secret swimsuit issue photoshoot! With nature’s exfoliant minerals making their way into every crack in our skin, sweaty, over-salted, dried out locks, and a personal need to suck in for long lengths of time, ladies feel anything and everything except positive or self-assured in their teeny weeny bikinis.

Recently, more women have expressed that although they used to see the beach as their summer land utopia, as they aged and matured it became a daunting ritual requiring a quick transformation and total body overhaul.

  • Sun-kissed skin? - Check!
  • Beachy waves? - Check!
  • Va va Voom curves? - Check!
  • Short Shorts? - Check!
  • Perfect Pedicure? - Check!
  • Cover-Up? - NO NEED!

Let’s “Face” It

As much as we love the feeling of damaging UV Rays penetrating deep into our skin, the epic battle between good and evil continues-meaning wrinkles of course. We may love fashion, but we do not want to look like our expensive designer beach bag! The key is to find a quality balanced moisturizing primer built to properly pamper your skin while soaking up Vitamin D. The skin on our face is a bit thinner and more sensitive than the rest of our bodies, so it is important that we use a distinct, strong SPF on our faces for long-lasting, youth solidifying results. Remember, it’s okay to give your face a little extra TLC to ensure a little blush goes a long way. Hydration solves all.

Bronzing Body

Luminous skin infused with silky weightless protection to get a healthy, yet gorgeous glow is everything you need. Everyone wants to avoid pesky tan lines and keep an even tone, but the reality is the beach equals time to relax and splash around. –And who is really paying attention that it’s time to turn over or continually re-apply sunscreen evenly as you roast? You just want to enjoy the optimal beach day. With the right organic ingredients, you can keep your whole body protected and feeling smooth without thick, gloppy sunscreens that wash off in the water or melt in the sun. Exfoliating your entire body to prep for the beach will also maintain a more even distribution for tanning.

Contouring/Sculpting By Melting Into Your Superior Self

YouTube tutorials have been our go-to stop to learn all the tricks for redefining our facial structure. From thinning out our nose, to highlighting our cheekbones, there is no feature on our face that we or a certified professional makeup artist can’t manipulate. The same goes for designing our own curvaceous silhouette. Eliminate. Tighten. Reduction. We’ve heard all of these words before… However, science is truth. With the technology behind some of the most innovative and non-invasive treatments from medspas like Just Melt in NYC, you too can experience the body you have always dreamed of. No more insecurity. The battle of stubborn bulge finally is defeated. Some advocates say, “No pain, no gain”, but we say, “No pain, no downtime!” Just melt this summer.

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