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As much as we all try to deny it, aging takes a toll on us. Sometimes a confidence boost is all the lift you need. Other times, a little assistance goes a long way. At JustMelt MedSpa, we’re redefining what anti-aging really means. Erase years off of your face with Endermolift, the rejuvenating treatment meant to maintain effortless and ageless beauty. At JustMelt, you can have a radiant face at any age! Take a look at our medspa services that we offer, and schedule your complimentary consultation for Endermolift today!

What is Endermolift?

Endermolift is a non-invasive and 100% natural skin redensifying treatment that creates the rebirth of cells by delivering mechanical micro-beats to the skins surface, triggering collagen and elastin production. It is also the only technique in the world capable of encouraging the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid, a moisture-binding compound that keeps skin hydrated, plump and youthful!

JustMelt’s Endermolift technology provides multi-dimensional stimulation on the skin’s surface for an intense physiological awakening. What you might not know is that it is just as important to stimulate the connective tissues and fibroblasts in your face, as it is to exercise your muscles through physical activity.

What can Endermolift do?

Endermolift can restore your youth by encouraging a true metamorphosis of the skin. Results include:

  • Erasing the sings of aging
  • Eliminating wrinkles
  • Optimizing the results of a cosmetic procedure (Botox, dermal fillers, peelings, facelift, etc)
  • Providing lifting and soothing effects
  • Redefining and contouring of the skin
  • Plumping of the face and lips

Who is it for?

Endermolift is a technique for men and women of all ages. It is perfect for anyone who wants to safely and sustainably tap into their skin’s rapid repair potential, by using an effective rejuvenation treatment that is neither risky nor aggressive.

The Endermolift technique provides fast, and visible results. It is only 30 minutes and can be done twice a week.  Results amplify with each session, so you can effortlessly get your desired results!

Pick up confidence at the JustMelt doorstep! You will receive a most serene experience, and find the right results to lead you towards melting into your perfect self!