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How “Lucky” would you consider yourself to get noticed in an amazing white bikini? 

With glowing skin and a perfectly sculpted body, it is all you need to accessorize in white this summer! 

confident patient relaxing on beach

Just Melt is happy and proud to announce that we were highlighted in a feature on Lucky Mag… “How To Wear White: Summer Edition”!

This is the ultimate guide to get noticed. Look fabulous, feel great and let your confidence shine brighter than the Vitamin D rays you bask in…

“Summer represents another opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start- especially when it comes to updating your style and your wardrobe. Therefore, MDW marks the official kick-off for the LWD (Little White Dress for those of you less than fabulous fashionistas out there)!

-And nothing says clean and fresh like a perfect fitting white dress.

Light and airy fabrics are key to pulling off this look, but often times also extremely unforgiving. It is really important to create the right balance between structure and femininity. Every summer goddess wants to make sure all of the elements come together in order to turn heads on the sands or show stop in the streets!

Although you can carry this look from day to night, accessories and other features are what truly drive the white dresses appeal. From beach cover-ups, to BBQ sundresses, or even those dreaded white pants we all keep buried in our closets at our vain attempt to dream, we must always make sure our body and skin is wearable for white!


It is no secret that warm weather and heat makes women want to bear all regardless, so most likely we have put our best foot forward at getting our body “bikini ready”- but white offers a whole new level of insecurity that we need to conquer and overcome. Whenever going for the ultimate white look, body sculpting is your friend. With nothing being left to the imagination, there are plenty of non-invasive treatments to smooth out ripples in the skin and carve your ideal silhouette for fitting in your unsympathetic white lace, textures and other fibers.


Bronzed, sun-kissed skin is an absolute necessity to really make the white pop! Although beauty comes in every shade, it is important for everyone’s skin to reach a natural looking, healthy glow. Peak summer season you will probably arrive as close to flawlessness as possible, but until then there are a wide range and variety of products available to accelerate your tan and complete the overall aesthetic.

With these secrets revealed, you are ready to show your charms and attack the fashion police in any little white dress in your closet.

Exercise your right to accessorize…

-And if you don’t have a white dress or yet, Go Shopping!”

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.