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If you are seeking a way to slim down or get rid of the extra fat from your middle, then you may want to begin your spring cleaning with a CoolSculpting treatment. Not only do you want to clean out your cabinets of junk food that is not good for you, you also want to make sure that you keep off the excess weight and fat.

CoolSculpting uses the latest in technology to slim the physique by “freezing one’s fat cells.” However, the results won’t be permanent if you don’t make it a resolution to use a more nutritional approach to dieting.

An FDA-cleared Procedure

While hundreds of thousands of patients undergo liposuction annually, many are not aware that CoolSculpting also removes fat and is non-invasive. FDA-cleared, the fat-removal process is an unprecedented treatment for removing love handles and similar stubborn sites where fat likes to congregate.

CoolSculpting itself was the brainchild of two doctors from Harvard. The idea of using the “cold” to get rid of fat stemmed from the observation that people who consumed popsicles as a kid grew up to be adults with dimples. The cold actually annihilated the cells of fat in their cheeks.

Therefore, any discomfort that is felt comes in the form of an intense feeling of cold.

There is a reason for that kind of response – no it is not winter hanging on, it is the way the process works. The procedure feels icy because the equipment that is used is working to freeze the fat cells in the body. Once the cells are frozen, they drain away naturally. It usually takes from six weeks to three months to see results. However, don’t think that CoolSculpting is a substitute for liposuction if you have a good deal of fat. CoolSculpting is not suggested for people who have an overabundance of excess fat.

Get Rid of Those Pesky Love Handles

After the CoolSculpting process, you won’t show off any dimples. However, you will show some temporary redness and, on occasion, some bruising. Worldwide, about 425,000 CoolSculpting treatments are performed annually. You can get rid of love handles as well as belly fat. Usually, it costs a bit more money to get rid of the stomach fat.

Compare the popularity of CoolSculpting with a report issued by the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. According to the news, the United States leads the way with respect to plastic surgery. Over 1 million procedures are performed annually. Some of the most popular procedures are liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. However, if the fat you need to get rid of is not excessive, you can bypass the lipo and tummy tuck for a less invasive treatment.

Would you like to turn your two-pack abs into a four-pack? Then you need to find out more about the CoolSculpting process today. The process is so non-invasive that you can read a book or check your e-mail during a session or practice some Yoga afterwards.

However, be aware that the fat cells that are removed are still surrounded by fat cells that can expand. Therefore, you need to maintain a healthy program of diet and exercise when pursuing this course of treatment.