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January Started Off Freezing and So Should You: Reviewing CoolSculpting

Do you want to obtain a new lease on life? Well, you have the chance to do  just that, thanks to the new and innovative process of freezing. JustMelt uses a really “cool” process known as CoolSculpting to freeze those stubborn fat cells and eliminate them once and for all. The non-invasive procedure, which has been approved by the FDA, can help anyone to  get rid of the bulges permanently, that don’t seem to go away through diet and exercise.

An Easier Way to Get Rid of Excess Fat

The nonsurgical method of CoolSculpting is designed to get rid of fat without resorting to surgery. CoolSculpting is the way to get rid of those bulges and areas of fat in the 21st century that seem to hang on when you are trying to lose weight. You are the ideal candidate for this process if you have a bulging fat or “muffin top” and  want to get rid of it without the danger of surgery as well as find a treatment that is easy and quick.

You will like the CoolSculpting gentle method of freezing as it also does not require any amount of downtime. Women and men who opt for CoolSculpting are more motivated to eat right and exercise as they don’t have any kind of fat lingering on after they’ve lost weight. In order to schedule a session, you will first need to consult JustMelt and set an appointment to discuss your concerns as well as identify your CoolSculpting target area. JustMelt offers complimentary consultations.

A Comfortable Process

The process is initiated when the technician determines which applicator is the best one to use for the CoolSculpting site. A topical sheet is set on the site being treated in order to protect your skin before the applicator is used. The procedure is very comfortable as most patients are engaged in other activities, such as talking on their mobile phone or reading a book,even work on their laptop during a session. The selected areas for CoolSculpting take approximately an hour per cycle to treat and, again, the patient achieves permanent results.

Positive and Permanent Results

As you continue to lose weight, you may feel the need to come back to JustMelt for another treatment to remove any problem areas of still-lingering excess fat. After the process, the treated area may feel numb for several days. In addition, sensations of soreness or tingling may occur. The treatment site may be red; however, the color should subside a few hours after the session. You can return to your normal activities or work right after a scheduled appointment.

When you go through CoolSculpting  your body will work to metabolize the cells of fat that are frozen during the one-hour process. By the time 3 months rolls around, you will be able to see visible results. The CoolSculpting treatment will pare down the circumference by about 25%. To enhance the results,

simply set up a follow up appointment in 3 months to determine if you need to do another session or a different procedure to enhance the results.

We, at JustMelt truly live up to our name. Give us a call at 1-800WEJUSTMELT (1-212-447-1155) to request a consultation or to  find out further details.