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Meet Our Team

Dr. Michael Greenblatt smiling in NYC

Dr. Michael Greenblatt

Dr Michael Greenblatt is an internist with many years of clinical experience.

Dr. Mike was first in his class in Columbia Pharmacy school. He graduated from SUNY Downstate Medical School, winning the General Excellence and Anatomy prizes. Has 4 years of Residency training (2 years at  Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC and 2 years at  University Hospitals of Cleveland.) Practicing on Long Island for more than 25 years, he became a Hospital administrator at New Island Hospital and then Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. Dr. Mike was recognized for his knowledge, fairness and problem solving skills. He is the Medical Director of Just Melt.
Samantha smiling in NYC


Samantha has frequented JustMelt so frequently that we decided to welcome her as a wonderful addition to our team! Samantha was born in Texas and raised in NYC after coming here at age 5. She went to St. Ignatius Loyola grammar school and Dominican Academy High School here in Manhattan. She is a leader with JustMelt’s administrative team and will be an incredible addition to our medical team as a physician one day, after finishing at Holy Cross in Massachusetts.

Samantha enjoys co-captaining her sailboat and some of her favorite places are the more remote islands in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

If you’re interested in learning about the science behind how any of our machines at JustMelt work or a tour of the Caribbean, please stop by at JustMelt’s front desk to speak to Samantha.

Sonia smiling in NYC


Interested in any treatments at JustMelt? Call or come by JustMelt's front desk and Sonia will be glad to help you.