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Aging is inevitable. No matter how old you are or where you come from, the signs of aging catch up to all of us sooner or later. Whether you’re 30 and starting to see the signs of aging or 50 wishing you looked 20 years younger, you’re probably looking for ways to slow down the process. Every time you look in the mirror, those lines that used to only appear when you smiled are now etching their way and making a permanent home on your face. Thanks to recent advancements in techniques and procedures, we are now able to reduce the signs of aging using both short term and long term techniques. We’re giving Mother Nature a run for her money with these 10 commandments for reducing the signs of aging!

  1. Thou shalt wear sunscreen. Sunscreen compounds repel the sun’s strong Ultra Violet (UV) Rays from penetrating your skin. While UV rays give our skin that pretty bronzed glow, that color is actually visible skin damage. Prolonged sun expose causes sun damage, skin cancer, and not to mention premature aging! While sunscreens can help prevent these issues from occurring, they certainly can’t cure already existing conditions. One method to restore collagen and moisture back into sun damaged skin is through HydraFacials. A HydraFacial is a 30 minute acid peel that tighten skins, minimizes the size of enlarged pores, and rids the skin of hyperpigmentation. Results are instant after the first treatment!
  2. Thou shalt moisturize thy face. A big problem with aged skin is a lack of moisture. Aside from the obvious wrinkles, aged skin has the appearance of being dull and thin. The overall appearance of your skin is heavily dependent on the high levels of moisture. A good daily moisturizer helps to keep the skin soft, hydrated, and appearing youthful.
  3. Thou shalt not squint. Repetitive movement from the facial muscles form grooves underneath the skin, which later turns into wrinkles. Because of this, it’s evident as to why too much excessive squinting can lead to premature wrinkles around the eyes. Xeomin is a quick solution for these pesky wrinkles. This prescription medication works to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe lines between the eyes and around the mouth. It does so by working on the nerve endings in the facial muscles to prevent muscle fibers from contracting. Though this is a good temporary solution, the effects are not immediate; they take up to 14 days to appear.
  4. Thou shalt get adequate sleep. While everyone loves a good night’s sleep, unfortunately not everyone has time to do so. It’s time to place more importance on a healthy sleep schedule. When the body is sleep-deprived, it produces too much of a compound called Cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that essentially breaks down skin cells, especially those in the face. Getting adequate sleep will help skin retain that thick and elastic feel to it, making it less likely to wrinkle.
  5. Thou shalt remove deep lines already present on thy face. It is easier to prevent wrinkles more so than it is to get rid of already existing ones. Efficient cosmetic techniques in reducing wrinkles are Botox and Dysport. These injectables work to soften and fade away lines. These nonsurgical procedures work by blocking the signal between the nerves and muscles, making them immobile and relaxed. This relaxed muscle flattens out the existing wrinkle on the skin above it.
  6. Thou shalt not smoke. Point and blank, cigarette smoke ages the skin. Cigarette smoke releases an enzyme that breaks down the skin’s elastic components, collagen and elastin. Studies show that healthy skin exposed to tobacco smoke become thinner and up to 40% more wrinkled!
  7. Thou shalt eat for fish. Fish such as salmon and other cold-water fish contain high concentrations of Omega-3. This essential fatty acid serves as the building blocks for healthy and youthful skin. These fatty acids also nourish the skin while keeping it plump and wrinkle free!
  8. Thou shalt tighten thy skin. And by skin tightening, we don’t mean the skin on your face. Often times skin around your arms, legs, and midsection become loose and show signs of cellulite. Your entire body is essentially effected by the signs of aging. A Venus Freeze treatment is perfect for correcting these loose skin and cellulite issues. By delivering radio frequencies and magnetic pulsed fields into the skin, it produces a heat matrix. These heat matrix helps to significantly promote collagen production, the reduction of wrinkles, and tighten the skin. Venus Freeze can be performed anywhere on the body, including the face.
  9. Thou shalt not over-wash thy face. Sink water, aka tap water, contains elements that strip the skin of its natural barrier of oils and moisture. This oil and moisture ultimately protect the skin against the formation of wrinkles. Washing your face is good, but in moderation. Too much face washing rinses away your skin’s natural wrinkle remedies.
  10. Thou shalt avoid stress! You especially shouldn’t have to stress about the signs of aging! Just Melt Med Spa knows the insecurities both men and women experience due to aging. Just Melt offers multiple procedures and techniques to significantly reduce the signs of aging. Call Just Melt today and be at least one step closer to rewinding back the clocks!