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What’s the hottest accessory that transitions from season to season?

An illuminating glow & sun-kissed tan from head to toe!

Everyone looks better with a little color. Tanning enhancement may transform skin tone to the ultimate shade, allowing colorful fabrics to pop, and your silhouette to look fierce and trim.

-But just because the weather cools, it doesn’t mean you can’t look like you didn’t just step off a yacht sun bathing in paradise.

JustMelt offers the perfect, plant-based organic formula spray tan solution. Expert and advanced technicians evenly apply a fine mist directly onto the surface of your skin accentuating every curve of definition. The proper airbrushing techniques, products & devices, all contribute to creating optimal, desired results. The natural ingredients of the formulated spray may be safely applied to an individual’s face and body.

SunFX products, including the precise technology and device used for application, lead the forefront of the industry marketplace when it comes to the top-quality spray tan tools and natural ingredients used for spray tanning in NYC.

Things To Know About JustMelt Spray Tans

Before spray tanning treatment, exfoliate with a non-oil based product to rid dead skin and design an even surface for the spray tan to be applied. This will enhance, yet balance your tone, as well as extend your spray tan longer.

Recommended to complete any mani, pedi, or waxing appointments prior to your session.

During your session, you should NOT wear any tight, light colored, or heavy clothing and fabrics that could smother or distort the tan, or possibly become stained from the residue.

Only wear dark, loose appropriate clothing. Use of darker towels and bed sheets are also suggested the first night after your spray tan treatment.

Do not shower for approx. 9-12 hours after treatment to secure and stabilize your fresh coat of color (Also, recommended to pat dry, do not scrub/rub after cleansing).

After one or two days pass, begin to lather up and moisturize/hydrate skin after showering. Prior to showering apply Baby oil as a great option to help maintain and extend long-lasting tan.

Have a Special Occasion or Event?

To achieve your absolute best spray tan color, it is advised to experience treatment 2 days prior to the major event day!

For Everyday Bronzed Success

JustMelt spray tan sessions and packages are customized to perfection and can last on average between 5 to 7 days with proper care, results can be carried out beyond expectation.

Tanning Myth

Many people think that if they have been spray tanned, the coating acts as a blocker of sun-damage. This is a myth. Truth be told, you not only can still get tan from sun exposure, but it can oftentimes be accelerated under the powerful rays leading to burning and an uncomfortable sensation.

It’s no secret, baking in the sun can do irreversible and everlasting damage to your skin by harsh UV rays. A healthy amount of Vitamin D can be achieved after approximately 10-12 minutes under the sun. Anything over, without SPF 40 plus protection, you are putting your skin at risk. Dermatologist recommend reapplication of SPF 40 plus every 2 hours to sustain a protecting shield.

Spray tans deliver the beautiful, yet temporary effects for reaching golden goddess status minus the concerns!