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Since we’re on the topic of delicious but fatty autumn dinner events, let’s talk about those classic cocktail parties and open bars! Alcohol can be a real crowd pleaser, but there’s nothing pleasing about the loads of empty calories it contains! It’s often hard to keep track of how many drinks you’ve had, let alone how much calories you’re taking in. A good tip is to put down your drink every 30 minutes and replace it with a tall glass of water. The water alleviates your liver by giving it a much needed rest and will in turn save you a few hundred calories over the course of the night. This tip doesn’t seem like much, but it will save you a hangover in the morning as well as noticeable weight gain by the end of the season.

So many pastries are only around during the autumn season. Pumpkin, hearty spices, and lots of sugar take over all the bakery shop display windows. They can be smelled from a block away. Another quick tip is to keep a Listerine breath strip on your tongue. The minty strips temporarily overwhelm your sense of smell, so you can pass by the bakery shops feeling confident you won’t be tempted to walk in and buy treats you don’t really need!

Need an extra push? Or do you just want to avoid all this time consuming work and just skip to one solid effective solution? Pull out your secret weapon and opt for one of various body contouring techniques. With CoolSculpting, Venus Freeze, Lipomassage, and various other body contouring methods to choose from, it’s easy to see why people would skip the steps that hinder what they can/cannot eat and opt for these treatments instead. Melting away fat without going under the knife to do so is definitely on many people’s agendas, so why not do it during the autumn season? These types of techniques usually take a couple of months to see the full effects, so the beginning of autumn is the perfect time to get them done. With treatments lasting all throughout the season, you won’t have to worry about the season’s goodies catching up to you all season long!

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