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It’s September, which means it’s time to wish this summer a bon voyage and patiently wait out the harsher cold weather until it returns again next year.  While summer is perfect for family BBQs, sunny strolls along the park and beautiful beach days, the sunshine isn’t all it’s cut out to be. Deep beneath the bronze tan we all adore from the summer sun holds some dirty secrets- sun damage to the skin that is. While you think you’re getting a nice illuminating glow to your skin when tanning, you’re actually doing more harm to yourself than good. Prolonged sun exposure increases the production of melanin as a defense mechanism against the harmful UV rays, which is what gives off that deep tanned look to the skin we all sought after. Over production of this melanin causes uneven discoloration and sun spots to appear on the skin. Prolonged sun exposure also damages the elastin and collagen tissues, thus causing fine lines, course wrinkles and sagging skin. Yes, you heard it here folks… tanning speeds up the natural process of aging! Signs of premature aging is the reality of lengthy sun contact. Scary stuff, I know.

Today learn about how to reverse this summer’s sun damage with HydraFacial MD! HydraFacial MD uses innovative technology to aid in the improvement of the skin’s texture, fine lines and wrinkles, lighten up sun spots and restores balanced hydrating moisture levels of the skin. Summer’s sun damage has met its match, but it doesn’t stop there! HydraFacial MD also combats signs of natural aging, loss of collagen, removes skin impurities, shrinks the size of large pores and aids acne-prone skin.  The HydraFacial MD sloughs off dead skin cells, removes skin impurities, and simultaneously hydrates new skin cells as they’re exposed.

And what’s the best part about it? HydraFacial MD offers instant results!

Yes, instant results and essentially pain free. The procedure itself is completely non-invasive and requires virtually no down time. The procedure involves zero injections and does not damage the surrounding skin tissues. With the procedure lasting as little as 30 minutes, you can leave the office knowing that you have even toned skin after just that one treatment. It is often referred to as the lunch break facial.

The HydraFacial MD is fundamentally a 4 in 1 treatment. The process first starts by cleansing and exfoliating away the dead skin cells that sit on top of the skin’s surface. This reveals the healthy new skin underneath. This also preps the skin for a gentle acid peel and conditioning serums (only if patient decides to add to the treatment) that are then applied. This peel gently softens the skin, and emulsifies the clogged pores, allowing for an extraction of debris from the pores like blackheads dirt and excess oils. The serums are then applied to the area with the intention of rehydrating the fresh skin and introduce added vitamins and minerals to the skin.  The vitamins and minerals infused into the skin will be absorbed at a quicker rate because the debris within the pores have just been recently removed.

HydraFacial MD uses a tiny, brush-like applicator that comfortably sweeps over facial and neck skin. The device simultaneously suctions up dead skin cells and extracts dirt and sebum, while applying a gentle acid peel and conditioning serums.  Skin is treated with customizable skin serums during a Hydrafacial MD procedure, so your skin can get exactly what it needs. Overall a HydraFacial MD simply rids the skin of dead skin cells, removes skin impurities and debris with a gentle peel, moisturizes the fresh skin with serums, and introduces vital vitamins and minerals back into your skin.

It’s the perfect treatment during summer – since unlike with lasers – a tan doesn’t matter, as well as wrapping up summer since skin usually experiences a burst of shock during those couple shining months. With the consequences of tanning greatly outweighing the positives, a sun tan has the potential to add years of premature aging to your face. Let our licensed technicians here at JustMelt MedSpa help you reverse the unwanted signs of sun damage!

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