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You heard about CoolSculpting, you fell in love, you had the treatment, and now what? The work doesn’t end just because the treatment did. To be sure you achieve the best possible results, follow these 5 tips!

  1. Rest up sleeping beauty. Although most patients feel okay after their treatment, it’s important for you to rest and allow your body to fully rejuvenate. This way you’ll give your body the time it needs to get back to its normal self. No pushing yourself to the limit allowed! Even though we all tend to do that a little too often (woops!).
  2. Schedule a follow-up. By setting up a follow-up appointment, we can help you to achieve your desired results. Patients who have more than one treatment tend to see faster and greater fat-loss results. Of course we recommend follow-ups for patients who are looking to further their results. Many patients are satisfied with their first visit, and do not require a second.
  3. Don’t ditch the diet. After your CoolSculpting treatment make sure you continue to eat healthy and work out. CoolSculpting is excellent for fat reduction, however, to keep up your results you need to keep up your diet.
  4. Give CoolSculpting time. Don’t get upset if your results are not immediate. It’s common for the area(s) treated to appear swollen, bruised, or bloated after your treatment. Usually, it takes about two to four months for a patient to notice a reduction in fat in the area treated. During this time period, it’s important to relax, exercise moderately, and maintain a healthy diet.
  5. Try a binder. This compressional garment can help with any discomfort you may be experiencing. Also, it reduces any movement and friction in the area(s) treated. Don’t hesitate to ask your specialist for a binder!

If you are planning to have CoolSculpting, or were already treated, hopefully these 5 tips will serve you well. Rest assured that you will attain realistic results, and as long as you follow these tips, you will be feeling your best in no time! For more information, visit our page on CoolSculpting.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.