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happy weight loss patient seeing results

The struggle with unwanted body weight is a very real conflict experienced by countless adults. While many people assume that the solution to all weight and body fat issues boils down to diet and exercise, it’s rarely that simple. A healthy diet and exercise are helpful for overall health. No one disputes that, but in many cases, there are those who need something more in order to reach a desired, and often healthier body mass index (BMI). The most widely practiced surgical option has been liposuction.

Sometimes the risk of surgery is too great for some people because of other health issues they may have, yet they can’t seem to lose the fat no matter how disciplined their exercise regimen or how carefully crafted their diet is. For these people (and others who struggle with body fat), CoolSculpting might be the best non-surgical alternative.

Ideally tailored to individuals who are within 15 and 20 pounds of their target weight, CoolSculpting is performed by a machine that specifically targets underlying fat cells and freezes them, allowing them to be naturally emitted through the body. This natural emission is the body’s own waste removal mechanism. The treatment is painless and typically takes about two hours per session. Advantageously, there’s no downtime associated with CoolSculpting and patients can resume a normal everyday schedule once they leave the doctor’s office.

Many people turn to dietary supplements to control unwanted fat. Different bodies respond differently to these supplements and they may not always be good. Since CoolSculpting emits the fat naturally, diet pills can be avoided.

The results of CoolSculpting tend to be seen over time (weeks, months), rather than immediately (as in liposuction), and it’s important to note that this is not ideal for individuals wishing to lose a great deal of weight. The number of treatments varies from individual to individual, and the best results are often seen 4 to 6 months after the procedure. If you struggle with weight issues, it may be worth considering.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.