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Emsella for Sexual Health and Wellness

The Emsella™ Chair Stimulates Up To 11,000 Kegal Contractions In Under 30 Minutes.

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Almost 25% or menopausal and post-menopausal women said they do not find sex pleasurable. More than half of these women say they were concerned about this fact. Not only does sex itself often become difficult, but a loss of tissue elasticity, muscle tone and blood flow to the area can lead to a decrease or loss in sensation of the clitoris and vagina, making sexual pleasure and reaching orgasm increasingly difficult.

Emsella has been proven ability to strengthen pelvic muscles may also enable patients to more easily achieve orgasm, experience stronger orgasms, and increased sensation leading to a positive effect on sexual wellness and intimate relationships. This is a ‘Walk in Walk Out’ completely non-invasive treatment.

BTL Emsella, the revolutionary treatment may help improve your sex life and give you stronger, more frequent orgasms as a side effect to strengthening your pelvic floor. Several studies have shown that pelvic floor weakness and imbalance can sexual dysfunction for both men and women.

The BTL Emsella uses High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) waves to build muscle and permanently increase blood flow in the pelvic floor and perineal target the pelvic floor muscles and muscles in the vagina and vaginal canal. This causes the muscles in the area to contract and relax, giving them a real workout. The treatment also triggers the production of new fibroblasts and collagen in the area, helping to make the tissues of the vagina, labia and clitoris more sensitive, and heightening sexual sensation.

For women, this process helps to create a tighter vaginal canal, and improves sensation of the vaginal tissues, including the clitoris and vaginal opening, to increase the sexual pleasure you feel, give your sex drive a boost and make it easier to reach orgasm. It also improves the strength and ease of orgasm, to help make sex more pleasurable and give you back confidence and happiness in your sexuality.

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