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What Body Areas can be Treated with CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting Elite is faster and treats more fat than the legacy model. It features new applicators that are designed to treat under the chin, arms, male chest, love handles, abdomen, banana rolls, bra rolls, outer things, and inner thighs. 

Continue reading to find out what body areas can be treated with CoolSculpting Elite.

Under the Chin 

The fat that is stored under the chin is sometimes due to weight gain or heredity. This fat is extremely difficult to get rid of even if you lose weight. Sometimes fit people have difficulty with chin fat. CoolSculpting Elite removes fat from this difficult area and exposes the natural jawline.  

Male Chest 

The male chest holds the fat in different areas such as the breast area. Many men feel uncomfortable and self-conscious with the fat build-up in their chest. CoolSculpting Elite treats the fat in the targeted area which helps boost self-esteem. 


The upper arm area tends to hold fat and feel bulgy even if the rest of the arm is skinny. A large portion of the population has difficulty dealing with arm fat and often relies on exercise and a healthy diet to manage the issue. CoolSculpting Elite removes unwanted fat without you needing to spend hours at the gym. 


A chubby tummy looks adorable on small children but adults will do almost anything to get rid of the bulge. CoolSculpting Elite removes unwanted fat from the abdomen and helps reveal toned muscles and a flat surface. 

Love handles  

Even exercise enthusiasts and lifetime athletes have love handles. For some reason, this area of the body is especially prone to holding on to fat. Unfortunately, working out at the gym doesn’t help much. However, CoolSculpting Elite focuses on the specific area and rids it from unwanted fat. 

Bra rolls

Bra rolls are a common issue that many women struggle with hiding. The rolls usually appear in the back or front. CoolSculpting Elite removes fat from those stubborn areas and gives you the confidence you need to wear a variety of fashion styles. 

Banana rolls  

Banana rolls located under the butt are uncomfortable, visible under clothing, and often cause a person to become self-conscious. Say goodbye to banana rolls with CoolSculpting Elite treatment. The fat cells in the area are frozen and eliminated naturally from the body. 

Inner Thighs

The inner thigh area is a trouble spot that tends to hold pockets of fat that create bulges. Heredity is often a factor when it comes to fat storage in this area of the body. It causes clothes to fit tight and uncomfortable and prevents many people from wearing shorts and other fashion trends. CoolSculpting Elite targets this stubborn area and creates a smooth toned appearance.  

Outer Thighs 

The outer thigh area is one of the most requested areas for CoolSculpting Elite treatment. Daily exercise doesn’t always do the job it needs to keep this area fat-free. CoolSculpting Elite removes fat cells from the outer thighs never to be seen again. 

Each session of CoolSculpting Elite usually takes 45 minutes but it depends on the size of the applicator and the number of targeted areas being treated at once. All sessions are customized to suit the needs of the individual and designed to produce the best results possible. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to stubborn fat? 

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