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1.)  You want results, not surgery

The thought of undergoing a surgical procedure may not be ideal for many people. The thought of being operated on, the cost, the downtime and/or the recovery process might be making surgical options, not an option. For others, signs of age may be appearing sooner in life, making them feel they aren’t quite ready yet for a surgical procedure. Whatever the reasons may be, JustMelt recognizes the need for non-surgical options for fat and cellulite reduction, riding wrinkles and fine lines, and skin tightening. All of JustMelt’s procedures offer an affordable solution with zero downtime or discomfort.

2.)  You want results-quickly

Dieting and exercise can be time consuming or may simply not be working to rid tough problem areas. For many of us, issues such as cellulite won’t go away no matter how many hours we spend on a treadmill. JustMelt offers the proven to work HCG Diet with our professional team monitoring your results every step of the way. Other services such as CoolSculpting can reduce your area’s fat circumference by up to 30% with just one treatment!

3.)  You can’t take time off of work

Scheduling a surgery means taking time off of work or out of your daily routine. Downtime and recovery time are also needed post-surgery. With non-surgical options, such as Zerona fat melting laser, the treatment can be done on your lunch break-and usual activities can be resumed directly post treatment.

4.)  You’re tired of treatments that don’t work

JustMelt is dedicated to offering our patients top of the line treatments that are proven to work. Results from our treatments and diets are real- with before and after photos of our clients available to view. As the weight-loss industry has become crowded with products and services that don’t work-JustMelt prides itself on knowing they will fulfill their client’s needs.

5.)  You are ready to re-gain your confidence

We all have problem areas that we obsess over, yet many of us don’t take the actions needed to correct them. JustMelt is simply asking you to stop in for a consultation to learn about your non-surgical treatment options. With treatments such as ours, there is no longer an excuse to let your problem areas continue any longer!

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