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If you have fat bulges that just won’t go away, you’re probably feeling frustrated and defeated. You’ve tried everything—new workouts, new diets, new pills, new clothes—but nothing works. You may even be considering liposuction or another type of plastic surgery to correct your trouble spots.

Here’s some good news—getting rid of those unsightly bulges doesn’t have to involve such drastic measures. With the new technology of CoolSculpting, you can transform your body with no more than 60 minutes of downtime—no surgery or recovery necessary in NYC!

CoolSculpting is a breakthrough treatment that was developed by scientists at Harvard. Plus, it’s been cleared by the FDA. The technology is based on the simple premise of freezing fat cells and leaving the other, healthy cells intact. In the weeks following treatment, the frozen cells die off and your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells. You can see some results as soon as three weeks after treatment and the final, permanent results are visible just a few months later.

Going to the gym and eating right are important, but unfortunately, those healthy habits can’t take care of everything. For those troublesome fat bulges on your stomach area, thighs, arms, or legs, CoolSculpting could be just the right answer. It’s the perfect way to lose inches and boost your confidence at the same time!