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The first time a person goes through a new medical procedure, it can cause fear and anxiety. Thoughts of the unknown and potential side effects can cause people not to go for specific treatments. Do not let fear and anxiety dictate your actions. One great way to lessen concerns about medical procedures is to research the process. Managing expectations helps people to make smarter decisions for themselves and their bodies.

Coolsculpting is a relatively new weight loss treatment, and as such people are sometimes scared of having the procedure done. Once you educate yourself about Coolsculpting and how it works, you will learn there is little to fear.

The first step of Coolsculpting is visiting your physician to decide if you are a strong candidate for the procedure. Doctors will look for subcutaneous fat and individual’s expectations. Not all body types work for Coolsculpting.

If you are a solid candidate, you will then head to a medical spa in NYC for treatments. You will speak with technicians about your desires, and they will create a Coolsculpting plan.

After treatments, patients can expect to lose the weight over the next few months. It is possible for patients to lose upwards of 25% of fat in treated areas.

Coolsculpting is safe, and FDA approved. There is nothing to worry about when going for this weight loss method. Give us a call for the best Coolsculpting NYC has to offer.

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