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woman squeezing an area of fat on her side to pinch and inch

Losing weight, in healthy and natural ways, can be difficult because of the intense and consistent regiment required to achieve such goals. For those who spend the time and energy eating right and working out, unfortunately, they may not achieve the results they fully desire. For most, the desires of a healthy lifestyle are twofold: to live longer and to have a fit body. What is one to do if pesky body fat remains in certain areas?

Traditionally, individuals had the option of going for invasive medical procedures or taking experimental drugs. Now, people are starting to use Coolsculpting, which is a safe, non-invasive weight loss method that works. Procedures are done in local clinics, and patients can immediately resume their daily routine after treatments.

Coolsculpting works by freezing fat out of the body. Cool applicators, with the help of a vacuum, is applied directly to the area being treated. The vacuum is necessary to pull tissue in the freezing component. Throughout the process, the applicator will be moved to target the entire treatment zone. After treatments, fat cells will begin to die, and over the course of several weeks they will naturally flush themselves from your body.

When going for treatments, you will never see a needle or an anesthesiologist. There are only minimal side effects, like redness, minor bruising, and soreness. People tend to see results as soon as a month after treatments, but for others it takes closer to three months.

People who are strong candidates for this procedure will have:

  • Achieved, roughly, the ideal weight desired through healthy eating and exercise. Coolsculpting is meant to help with extra pockets of fat.
  • Stubborn body fat that won’t go away. Usually, Coolsculpting is done to double chins, thighs, and flanks.
  • A clean bill of health from your doctor that this procedure is safe for your body. Our doctors will let you know if you should continue with Coolsculpting.

We offer high-quality Coolsculpting in New York. Our medical spas in NYC are perfect places for you to achieve the full standards you have set for yourself and your body. Visit our med spa today.

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